high-power field

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1. an area or open space, as an operative field or visual field.
2. a range of specialization in knowledge, study, or occupation.
3. in embryology, the developing region within a range of modifying factors.
auditory field the space or range within which stimuli will be perceived as sound.
disturbed energy field a nursing diagnosis defined as a disruption of the flow of energy surrounding a person's being that results in disharmony of the body, mind, and/or spirit.
energy field the flow of energy surrounding a person.
extended field in radiation therapy, such as for malignant lymphoma, an area of irradiation beyond the involved field. See also under irradiation.
high-power field the area of a slide visible under the high magnification system of a microscope.
individuation field a region in which an organizer influences adjacent tissue to become a part of a total embryo.
inverted Y field in radiation therapy, such as for malignant lymphoma, a circumscribed area of irradiation below the diaphragm, covering the spleen, extending down the midline, and branching inferiorly to form tails across the inguinal areas.
involved field in radiation therapy, such as for malignant lymphoma, the irradiated area when irradiation has been limited to sites of detectable macroscopic disease. See also under irradiation.
low-power field the area of a slide visible under the low magnification system of a microscope.
magnetic field that portion of space about a magnet in which its action is perceptible.
mantle field in radiation therapy, such as for malignant lymphoma, a circumscribed area of irradiation around the shoulders and chest, including the neck, clavicular regions, axillae, and mediastinum. See also under irradiation.
morphogenetic field an embryonic region out of which definite structures normally develop.
operating field (operative field) an isolated area where surgery is performed; it must be kept sterile by aseptic techniques (see surgical asepsis). Called also surgical field.
sterile field an operative field that is properly sterile according to surgical asepsis. It includes having all furniture and equipment covered with sterile drapes and all personnel being properly attired.
surgical field operative field.
visual field (F) (vf) the area within which stimuli will produce the sensation of sight with the eye in a straight-ahead position.
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high-power field (HPF),

that area of a slide that is visible by light microscopy at high power (approximately 500X).
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high-power field

The portion of an object seen when the high-magnification lenses of a microscope are used.
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(b) IgG4 immunostain occasional clusters of positive plasma cells 10-20 per high-power field.
Tumour size (>5 cm) and mitotic index (>1-5 mitotic figures/10 high-power fields (HPFs)) are the most reliable predictors of biological behaviour.
At the time of evaluation, her laboratory values were as follows: INR, 1.4; aPTT, 58.7 seconds; and platelets, 137.000 per high-power field. Her Hb level dropped from 9.7 g/dL to 4.4 g/dL.
For the urine specimens obtained by suprapubic aspiration, UTI was defined as [is greater than or equal to] 10 leucocytes per high-power field and growth on culture.
Grade Origin Low <2 mitoses/10 HPFs and <3% Ki-67 index Intermediate 2-20 mitoses/10 HPFs or 3%-20% Ki-67 index High >20 mitoses/10 HPFs or >20% Ki-67 index HPF, high-power field. (Adapted from Klimstra et al.
MCs/hpf MCs/hpf MCs/hpf MCs/hpf Control 89 24.1 8.7 0.92 8 Study 76 30.7 10.5 1.2 13 Patient Maximum, P Value Group MCs/hpf Control 47 <.001 Study 67 Abbreviation: hpf, high-power field. Table 3.
Gram stains were considered positive if they demonstrated more than 10 white blood cells per high-power field or if clue cells, Gram-negative intracellular/extracellular diplococci, or T.
In the case of the sample described above, urinalysis demonstrated the presence of 443 leukocytes, 162 erythrocytes, and 3 epithelial cells per high-power field. The presence of debris associated with these cellular elements may account for the sediment observed by the technologist, possibly accounting for interference with the wicking of the urine onto the microporous membrane applicator.
Urinalysis showed 14 red blood cells and 28 leukocytes per high-power field, no casts, and 3+ proteinuria.
The estimation of white blood count (WBC) per high-power field (HPF) is simple, fast, and the most commonly used procedure to quantify pyuria in clinical practice.
In each case, the number of cells exhibiting a pan-nuclear staining pattern within one high-power field (X40) of the inked margin was determined.
Eagle-eyed observers might pick up three other small fry in the same high-power field. Two of the galaxies, PGC 2076761 and PGC 2076843, lie close together 4' east of NGC 5529.