high-pass filter

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high-·pass fil·ter

a device or material that allows high frequency signals to pass while attenuating other signals.
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In order to tune the high-pass filter, the matrix Cx will be set considering the levels j = 1, ..., [j.sub.h].
The phase response for the high-pass filter is shown as a dashed red line, showing an increasing nonlinear effect at very low frequencies.
LPS and HPS represent low-pass and high-pass filters, respectively.
On the other side, high-pass filters are the exact opposite of low-pass.
A temporal high-pass filter is then employed to extract phase changes.
Since the real sensor does not respond down to 0 Hz, the FEM signal was high-pass filtered (Butterworth) at 6 kHz (5 pole).
PR-Based Fault Diagnosis Approaches for Biquad High-Pass Filter Circuits
To enhance the periodicity of silent frame's second derivative and reduce the interference of speech, we propose five audio resampling detection steps: (1) use of the Voice Active Detect (VAD) algorithm to divide a given audio signal into voice clips and silent frames; (2) calculation and transformation of the second-order difference into spectrum; (3) filtration of the audio frequency components through the high-pass filter and preservation of the frequency components of heavy resampling period; (4) use of the dictionary learning method to train resampling sparse classifiers; and (5) according to the test sample belonged to which codeword of the dictionary, calculated by ORMP, classification of the test sample.
Therefore, an L-shape high-pass filter with a series capacitor of 14 pF and a shunt inductor of 5nH is incorporated, which generates one lower-frequency resonant mode at about 880 MHz to successfully cover the operating bands of GSM850/900, and simultaneously contributes another upper-frequency resonant mode at about 2500 MHz for the upper-band.
Analysis was applied for 30 different high-pass filter frequencies ranging from f = 0.05 Hz to 6 Hz.
Let [H.sub.0](z) and [H.sub.1](z) denote the transfer functions of the low-pass and high-pass filter of the analysis part of the two-channel quadrature-mirror filter (QMF) bank, and let [G.sub.0](z) and [G.sub.1](z) denote, respectively the transfer functions of the low-pass and high-pass filter of the synthesis part.

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