high-pass filter

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high-·pass fil·ter

a device or material that allows high frequency signals to pass while attenuating other signals.
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To enhance the periodicity of silent frame's second derivative and reduce the interference of speech, we propose five audio resampling detection steps: (1) use of the Voice Active Detect (VAD) algorithm to divide a given audio signal into voice clips and silent frames; (2) calculation and transformation of the second-order difference into spectrum; (3) filtration of the audio frequency components through the high-pass filter and preservation of the frequency components of heavy resampling period; (4) use of the dictionary learning method to train resampling sparse classifiers; and (5) according to the test sample belonged to which codeword of the dictionary, calculated by ORMP, classification of the test sample.
We also added a high-pass filter to the IJ with WFLC set at 2 Hz for both speed and direction axis.
To eliminate the influence of wave components of lower frequencies on the detected wave, the measured data were filtered with a Gaussian high-pass filter commonly used for the evaluation of material surface roughness (e.
The scaling function and wavelet function correspond to a low-pass filter and a high-pass filter, respectively, and are called "quadrature mirror filters" in a signal processing context.
A digital high-pass filter is available for DC removal.
Acoustic baffling and high-pass filter design revolutionize the sound experience without distorting sound quality and damaging hearing
Biamping and employing an outboard high-pass filter would allow the midrange drivers to only do midrange work--a good thing.
Consequently, to "correct" things, I have installed a Paradigm X-30 crossover (I reviewed one of these in Issue 71 as part of a Servo 15 subwoofer package) and am using it to high-pass filter the tweeter/midrange section at 80 Hz, with the system being biamped.
The newest audio codecs in the IDT family include an integrated high-pass filter to prevent speaker damage by blocking low frequency content the output transducers cannot reproduce.
If the high-pass filter for both of the mid-bass drivers is 80 Hz, then it only makes sense to have the low-pass frequency locked in to properly accommodate that roll-off.
also high-pass filter the signals to the satellites.
Hence, if you install it between a preamp and power amp, you can expect the high-pass filter to reduce low-frequency-signals to the satellites.

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