high-grade explosive

high-grade ex·plo·sive

(hī-grād eks-plō'siv)
A device that generates both a supersonic pressure front (blast wave, q.v.) and also a subsonic pressure front (blast wind, q.v.) when it explodes.
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Joe Harp, a retired CIA operative, was close enough to read the lettering on the bombs, which indicated that the bombs contained fulminated mercury, a high-grade explosive. The sophistication of the bombs inside the building indicates help from co-conspirators.
He was quoted by the Bahrain news agency picked up here as saying that the forensic laboratory, after screening, gathering evidence and conducting tests, had indicated that a high-grade explosive was used to carry out the blast.
According to bomb disposal unit's initial findings at least three kilograms of high-grade explosive with anti-personnel components packed around it was detonated to do the intended damage.
A TEENAGER accused of joining a terror cell was allegedly trained to plant hoax bombs near mosques before tasked with detonating a high-grade explosive device targeting police, a court heard.
It includes training in the use of weapons and bomb-making and field combat skills by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in addition to providing support for the trafficking of various types of high-grade explosive. It has been noticed that lately their focus has been on transferring the bomb-making technology while the commands to commit terrorist acts come from the fugitives living in Iran." The current hostile statements from Iranian officials are part of the interference, the minister added.
"I received weapons and explosives training, including AK-47 assault rifles and high-grade explosives," he said in his statement.
// 370 kg high-grade explosives seized in three years
The report stipulates that the attacks were likely carried out by a surface vessel operating close by that dispatched underwater drones carrying 30 to 50 kilograms of high-grade explosives, which detonated on impact.
He said the accused had rigged a motorcycle with explosives, which was connected with a house booby-trapped basement and when the police used explosive charge on motorcycle, the high-grade explosives brought the entire building crashing down.
This support includes the funnelling of funding, weaponry and high-grade explosives, as well as the transfer of knowledge and training at Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) campsites.
That has raised questions as to just what Iran is up to in sending high-grade explosives to the Island.
The bomb disposal unit said that high-grade explosives weighing eight kilograms were used in the blast.