high-definition imaging

high-de·fi·ni·tion im·ag·ing

(HDI) (hī'def-i-nish'ŭn im'ăj-ing)
Ultrasound assessment of mammary tissue to determine presence of possibly cancerous lesions.
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It has a high-definition imaging system and a mobile station capable of sending and receiving images from any region around the world.
Yinchuan (China), April 18 (Xinhua-ANI): An unmanned Chinese military drone recently completed its first digital mapping mission near north China's Helan mountain, capturing high-definition imaging data during more than five consecutive hours of aerial photography.
The Leica M320 F12 bundles apochromatic optical quality with LED illumination and high-definition imaging technology, providing ease of use and flexible, smooth maneuverability.
APG is printed with Realtree's high-definition imaging process, allowing it to melt into hardwoods, pine thickets, prairies, river bottoms and other natural environments.
Toshiba Corporation (PNK: TOSBF.PK) on Monday (26 September) announced the combining of high-definition imaging with portable computing, resulting in the development of a notebook PC integrating a slim-type HD DVD-ROM drive.
High-Definition Imaging renders extreme clarity and crispness at 600 x 600 8-bit resolution.
The technique, high-definition imaging (HDI), could reduce the 700,000 biopsies performed each year.

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