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It is high time for New Delhi not to build pressure on Pakistan on certain things.
It is high time for us to embark on a new constructive phase in the country joining together in a common struggle that expresses the same unity you exhibited with your sorrow just days ago.
RB says: No Jerry, it's high time you and all the other Ronaldo bashers who wrote in, realised Ronaldo DOESN'T dive.
It is high time his literacy achievements and medical skills were recognised in this city
Well, America's music teachers feel it's high time U.
Meanwhile, declining cities where workers feel forced to conform to some 1950s "company man" norm, are the ones most in danger of losing their creative talent-and so it is high time that civic leaders in those older, more staid places focus on turning their cities into the kinds of places where talented workers can actually thrive using their creative energy.
It's high time these men and women receive their due honor.
Because of the high time and energy demands faced by caregivers, they are frequently unable to attend regular support groups or counselling meetings.
It's high time to bring this fundamental cleansing and healing therapy forward from its ancient roots into our modern lives.
IT'S high time we saluted our snooker world champs.
It is high time someone started up a discount airline in Brazil," says Bob Booth, president of Miami-based Aviation Management Services.
In closing, he suggests that "it is high time to look again at Empson's critique" of Gardner's standard edition of Donne.