high blood sugar

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high blood sugar


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Q. what is a high blood sugar for a four yr old?My grandkid is 4 with a bloodsugar of 195 after eating

A. Sorry, it didn't paste it well. These are the levels:
Below 5 years old first thing in morning or 2 hours before or after meal should be between 80 to 200. Before bedtime snack is should be above 150.
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None of the children had high blood sugar, but puberty would further lower their insulin sensitivity, she noted.
It's also possible that high blood sugar doesn't cause heart attacks and strokes at all.
Still, the apoptosis explanation doesn't explain why some diabetic women with high blood sugar go on to have healthy babies, he says.
WOMEN with high blood sugar levels are at greater risk of developing cancer, according to a study.
Within a week of developing high blood sugar or signs of T-cell attack, the NOD mice were given either low doses of the anti-CD3 antibody for five days or hamster immunoglobulin as a control injection.
In overweight men, evidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS), which can lead to both conditions, is easy to see through symptoms including raised cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and obesity.
To show that amylin can cause insulin resistance and high blood sugar in humans, investigators must first demonstrate that Type II diabetics have higher blood levels of amylin than do nondiabetics.
More than 50 percent of Pimas aged 35 and older suffer from this non-insulin-dependent, adult-onset form of diabetes, which involves high blood sugar levels and causes such symptoms as blurry vision, numbness and drowsiness.
An expert witness told Perth Sheriff Court that high blood sugar levels could have caused her to drive badly.
Type 2 diabetes is linked to obesity and physical inactivity, and over a long period of time, high blood sugar levels and diabetes can cause heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, leg and foot amputations, and pregnancy complications.
More than 18 million Americans are reported to have diabetes and an additional 41 million are estimated to have pre-diabetes, a condition where high blood sugar increases a patient's risk of getting the disease.