A decline in the rate of sweating during exposure to heat, especially that from warm baths.
[hidro- + G. meiōsis, a lessening]
References in classic literature ?
He meant to be a unit who would make a certain amount of difference towards that spreading change which would one day tell appreciably upon the averages, and in the mean time have the pleasure of making an advantageous difference to the viscera of his own patients.
But I was not to know that passion for five or six years yet, and in the mean time I kept on as I had been going, and worked out my deliverance in the predestined way.
He shall know all about that to-morrow, and in the mean time, as it's rather late, I'll try and get a wink of the balmy.
In the mean time, proper means were employed to satisfy Hiram for the assaults on his person ; and on the same day the two comrades issued together into society again, with their characters not at all affected by the imprisonment.
In the mean time he ordered three thousand of his choicest troops (who then attended him) to surround me at a distance, with their bows and arrows just ready to discharge; but I did not observe it, for mine eyes were wholly fixed upon his majesty.
In the mean time, if I have inadvertently offended you, I ask your pardon--and I wish you good-evening.
You may struggle nobly for twenty-four hours, maybe, if you are an adamantine sort of person, but in the mean time you will have been so wretchedly served, and so insolently, that you will haul down your colors, and go to impoverishing yourself with fees.
In the mean time I can give you some idea of the shape.