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With help from the 1990 program, perhaps Forest Service resource managers can again be leaders, making decisions on the basis of clearly articulated roles and values and then standing behind them-not hiding behind constraints and coefficients and claiming 'the computer model made me do it.
GARETH SOUTHGATE has revealed he is not prepared to try to con fans by hiding behind "football-speak".
For some, these drawings may seem evasive, as though the artists are hiding behind an adolescent smoke screen of games (such as Hangman) or doodles.
Ormet management has been breaking the law throughout this labor dispute and hiding behind the bankruptcy court to avoid meaningfully participating in the collective bargaining process with our members," said USWA District 1 Director David McCall.
A delightful hide and seek story with the trademark simple text, bold illustrations and lots of surprises hiding behind the flaps.
He was spotted hiding behind a backyard fence but wouldn't give himself up when ordered to do so, deputies said.
As the new girl in Bixby, Oklahoma, Jessica Day is more concerned with adjusting to her new surroundings than making friends, but Dess, a Goth girl hiding behind dark glasses, strikes up a strange conversation with her, hinting that something in Bixby might give her bad dreams.
COMMONSENSE guidelines to stop organisations hiding behind the Data Protection Act were yesterday promised by the Information Commissioner.
Addressing the issue of web robots hiding behind major proxies such as AOL can be more challenging.
They are using the excuse,``Let's say anything we like,no matter how libellous'' while hiding behind the mantle of The Devil's Advocate,and take no responsibility for smearing a whole people.