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Increased hexosamine, hydroxyproline, and hexuronic acid content reflects the stabilization of collagen molecules by enhancing electrostatic and ionic interactions.
The total glycosaminoglycans samples from the chicken comb and the fractions obtained through the ionic exchange chromatography were applied (~5 [micro]g in hexuronic acid) to a 0.5% agarose gel prepared in a 50mM diaminopropane (pH 9.0) buffer and submitted to 110V for almost 1h (DIETRICH & DIETRICH, 1976).
In hexuronic acid, Szent-Gyorgyi had discovered vitamin C, but he did not yet know what he had.
Two weeks later, Szent-Gyorgyi reported that his hexuronic acid (see 1928) was vitamin C, and he was right.
A partial modification of the cartilage method of Bitter and Muir for quantization of hexuronic acids. Anal.
In the pulp and paper sector, many authors have already published work showing the relations between alkali charge, cooking temperature, retention time, bleachability, yield, lignin structures, hexuronic acids, and other factors.