A peptide containing six amino acid residues.
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Another example was the radioiodinated histone H1-binding hexapeptide named [[sup.124]I]ApoPep-1, which demonstrated a 1.6- and 2.3-fold uptake increase in A549 tumors [12] and H460 tumors [9] of mice treated with doxorubicin, respectively.
They are inhibited by a hexapeptide from Streptomyces that contains two statin residues called pepstatin.
performed docking studies and identified strong hydrogen bond interactions between the NH group of the benzimidazole ring of lansoprazole and the C-terminal hexapeptide (386TDHGAE391) of the tau core [29].
In brief, the N-terminal hexapeptide of the hemoglobin [beta] chain is enzymatically cleaved by the proteolytic enzyme endoproteinase Glu-C before analysis.
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The RGD-containing hexapeptide, KPRGDV, was designed based on the amino acid sequence of mouse Npnt (NCBI reference sequence NP_001025007.1).
Kinetics of deamidation of an asparaginyl residue in a model hexapeptide." Pharmaceutical Research 7, (1990): 703-711
Removal of the N-terminal hexapeptide from human beta2-microglobulin facilitates protein aggregation and fibril formation.
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Julien Farel Magnifique Fortifying Serum contains a hexapeptide said to increase melanin and stimulate pigmentation.
Powered by their scientifically developed Hexapeptide, Magnifique stimulates the pigmentation process, boosting natural melanin levels to slow the graying of hair and improve hair's youthful texture and appearance.