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A topical antibacterial formerly widely used in wound care and as a surgical scrub. Application to mucous membranes, denuded or burned surfaces, and intact skin in newborns has resulted in fatal CNS lesions. Use is currently restricted to disinfection of intact adult skin. Products containing more than 0.1% hexachlorophene are available only by prescription.
Synonym(s): hexachlorophane


Hexachlorophene, a bactericidal agent used in soaps and for skin cleansing. A chlorinated phenol. Brand names are Ster-Zac Powder and, formulated with other ingredients, Dermalex.

hexachlorophene, hexachlorophane

a compound used as a tenicide in poultry, a fasciolicide in cattle, and as a germicidal agent in soaps and dermatological preparations. Causes poisoning in sheep, cattle, cats and puppies at relatively small doses and the low safety margin has limited its use in other species. Signs of toxicity in cattle include nystagmus, tremor, opisthotonos; in sheep the signs are anorexia, diarrhea, recumbency and atrophy of seminiferous tubules. Dogs and cats may die suddenly after large doses, or show cerebellar signs with chronic exposure.