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n a curse; a transcendent force or energy employed for malevolent purposes or a type of imagery shared between two persons via an imaginary, unseen channel that is used to harm instead of heal. In Western tradition, it is considered to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, a prediction of an event due to a strong belief in the outcome.
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Hex, meanwhile, is partaking of some rye, which mostly drains through the hole in his disfigured face, before paying a visit to his lady friend Lilah (Megan Fox).
Given the low activity of Hex in CSF, the samples were concentrated with Microsep[R] miniconcentrators (Filtron Technology Corp.
Schaech made his series debut as Hex in Season 1, episode 11, titled "The Magnificent Seven.
Hex Integrated Markets would be representing in the cooperation the Swedish stock exchange Stockholmsborsen, already a member of NOREX, but also Finnish stock exchange Helsinki Exchanges (HEX), the Estonian exchange Tallinn Stock Exchange and Latvia's Riga Stock Exchange.
Compared with the current trading hours, the trading day would be extended by 30 minutes in the morning at Stockholmsborsen and by 30 minutes in the evening at HEX.
Total market value of all companies listed amounted to EUR411bn as of 31 October 2003, according to HEX.
5 newly issued shares in OM for each share in HEX, which would imply a relative value contribution of about 29% from HEX and 71% from OM.
The Finnish stock exchange HEX said today (31 March) that it would cut back evening trading by half an hour.