heterotopic pregnancies

het·er·o·to·pic preg·nan·cies

(het'ĕr-ō-tō'pik preg'năn-sēz)
Pregnancies occurring simultaneously in different sites, e.g., intrauterine and ampullary.
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However, in ART cycles, due to the presence of multiple oocytes or multiple embryos and special manipulations, ectopic or heterotopic pregnancies may occur more than usual.
The literature to date involves discussion of the management of the more "traditional" heterotopic pregnancies with successful results.
Majority of reported heterotopic pregnancies are of singleton intrauterine pregnancies.
Approximately 80% of heterotopic pregnancies end during the first trimester, so advanced pregnancies are extremely rare.
Molar ectopic pregnancy becomes even more difficult to diagnose when it occurs in heterotopic pregnancies, where the patient may present with shock, weeks after evacuation of the intrauterine pregnancy (9).
Heterotopic pregnancies after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.
I had the pleasure of reading this paper from 1961 describing his series of heterotopic pregnancies. As he mentioned, these cases were diagnosed at the time of surgery and subsequent delivery in most cases without the availability of ultrasonography and quantitative hCG levels.
But in the vast majority of cases, heterotopic pregnancies are discovered during the first three months of pregnancy and terminated because of the danger to the mother's life, the Jerusalem Post said.
[1] With increasing usage of assisted reproduction, the frequency of heterotopic pregnancies was cited to be between 1:100 and 1:7,000.
DISCUSSION: Heterotopic pregnancies presents as an intrauterine pregnancy and tubal, abdominal, corneal, cervical or ovarian pregnancy.
We had 5 special cases, one each of interstitial pregnancy, scar ectopic, cervical pregnancy and 2 cases of heterotopic pregnancies. 35(30Tubal+5Special) presented in unruptured stage, 23 after rupture and 12 as tubal abortions.