heterotopic ossification

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myositis ossificans

A term that is slowly being retired from the medical literature, largely in favour of heterotopic ossification, given that
(1) inflammation is not a necessary precursor for heterotopic ossification; and
(2) the ossification doesn’t always occur in muscle, but may occur in fascia, tendons, and other mesenchymal soft tissues.

Clinical forms, myositis ossificans
• Localised: linked to trauma.
• Generalised: now known as fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, which is often due to spontaneous mutation, resulting in autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance in the proband’s progeny.
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het·er·o·top·ic os·si·fi·ca·tion

(het'ĕr-ō-top'ik os'i-fi-kā'shŭn)
Growth of calcium deposits within soft tissue, usually at the site of a hematoma due to blunt trauma or in tissue atrophied due to central nervous system injury.
Synonym(s): myositis ossificans.
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heterotopic ossification

The development of mature lamellar bone in soft tissue that does not normally contain bone. The condition is usually associated with trauma in or around a joint or following severe head or spinal cord injuries. Heterotopic ossification is also found in the rare autosomal dominant condition of MYOSITIS OSSIFICANS.
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