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Relating to heterosis.
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However, some hybrids establish similar as per se performance, good general or specific combiners with high heterotic effects (Memon et al., 2015b).
The high sca effect of crosses in general corresponded to their high heterotic response, but these might also be accompanied by poor and/or average gca effect of the parents.
In the ten-dimensional supersymmetric heterotic string, such a division always produces either SO(32) or [E.sub.8] x [E.sub.8] gauge groups [30].
It has also been reported that dominance and overdominance play a critical role as a genetic basis of heterosis and heterotic loci did not usually overlap with QTLs for trait performance [3, 11, 15, 19, 23].
This represents more heterotic potential in these three combinations.
Behind a cloud of virtual particles was Heterotic Superstring Theory, a hybrid of superstring and bosonic string.
MELCHINGER and GUMBER (1998) defined a heterotic group "as a group of related or unrelated genotypes from the same or different populations, which display similar combining ability and heterotic response when crossed with genotypes from other genetically distinct germplasm groups.
These groups reflected the fundamental heterotic patterns of orchids and the widespread practice of prod ucing new orchids by crossing species for improvement of orchids.
These hybrids are heterotic for plant vigor, can incorporate resistance to several diseases from the S.
However, few studies included hybrids wherein breeders have to restrain essentially on first filial generation with precise and vigorous interactions of heterotic effects.
The percent increase or decrease of F1 hybrids over mid parent as well as better parent value was calculated to estimate possible heterotic effects following [24].