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Having partial regulation of body temperature; between poikilothermic and homeothermic.
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This cross-species result does not exist for other parameters and suggests that the effect of temperature on the coupling of the vitality-rate mean and variability is similar across these heterothermic organisms.
It is therefore not surprising that some functionally heterothermic mammals, such as ground squirrels (Spermophilus), have attracted the attention of microbiologists.
The Animal Party had argued that elephants are heterothermic animals which regulate their body temperature by storing heat during daytime and gradually losing it during the cool of the night and needed the right conditions to do so.
Bats are heterothermic, and in cool northern ecosystems they may choose roost sites that confer thermal advantages, such as tall dead trees that receive more insolation than others (Barclay and Kurta 2007).
temminckii thermoregulates by altering its position in the heterothermic water column (sensu Brattstrom, 1965).