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In fungi, denoting a kind of sexual reproduction in which a sexual spore is produced only by fusion with a nucleus of another mating type. Compare: homothallic.
[hetero- + G. thallos, a young shoot]
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Transfer of conidia of opposite mating type is required for fertilization (heterothallic mating), for which a specialized insect is the main vector (Kohlmeyer and Kohlmeyer 1974; White and Bultman 1987).
Mating pattern within each of these MPs are heterothallic and governed by two alleles at a single mating-type locus.
The yeast is a heterothallic basidiomycete with two mating types, MATa and MAT[alpha] identified in all the four serotypes, A, B, C, and D.
The organism is heterothallic, any clonal culture expressing only one of two mating types, plus ([mt.sup.+]) and minus ([mt.sup.-]).
These difficulties could be overcome by using homothallic or heterothallic strains in mixedmating type cultures, marking them so that the frequencies of different types in mixed populations can be followed through time.
The fruiting bodies initially produce conidia that act as spermatia in a heterothallic mating system.
Molecular parasites should thus be more successful in genomes that reproduce sexually than in those that replicate clonally (Hickey 1982), Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is a unicellular, heterothallic chlorophyte alga well suited to testing this prediction because it can be maintained with or without sex, and because its low doubling time permits the passage of hundreds of asexual generations or dozens of sexual cycles per year (Harris 1989).