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Abnormal arrangement of organs or parts of the body in relation to each other.
Synonym(s): heterotaxis, heterotaxy
[hetero- + G. taxis, arrangement]
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(hĕt′ər-ə-tăk′sē) or


n. pl. hetero·taxies or hetero·taxias
Abnormal arrangement of the internal organs in relation to one another.

het′er·o·tax′ic (-tăk′sĭk) adj.
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Thrombotic complications (pulmonary and cerebral) may ensue, but routine anticoagulation is not advisable, although in the single other case of heterotaxy in the literature thrombosis did occur, with an uncertain aetiology.
The most likely reason that our patient with heterotaxy syndrome was asymptomatic and felt well until she was 16 years of age was that she had no relevant structural or functional cardiac defect.
Heterotaxy syndrome is a rare disorder that commonly presents early in life secondary to associated cardiac manifestations.
Spontaneous Gastric perforation in a child with heterotaxy syndrome.
Complex cardiac anatomy (i.e., heterotaxy syndromes), multiple previous sternotomies or extensive collateral vessels maybe relative contraindications for HTx.
These are divided broadly into those which are complete (situs inversus totalis) or incomplete (heterotaxy syndromes).
It occurs in approximately 1 in 500 live births and is seen in the majority of children with heterotaxy syndromes (4-5).
Results: High diagnostic sensitivity (81%) was found in isolated total anomalous pulmonary venous return and low (27%) in heterotaxy and mixed (20%) varieties.
2013), and eight noncritical defects (endocardial cushion; ventricular septum; atrial septum; valves; aorta; pulmonary artery; heterotaxy; other).
Ductal plate malformation-like arrays in early explants after a Kasai procedure are independent of splenic malformation complex (heterotaxy).
The medical term for the reversal of organs is situs inversus totalis, or heterotaxy.