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Heterologous, as pertains to grafts.
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This suggests that, just as in some heterospecific Drosophila studies (above), female D.
Since male jumping spiders rarely court heterospecifics and since salticids are known to respond appropriately to computer-animated stimuli (hereafter CAS) (Clark & Uetz 1990, 1992, 1993), female P.
(2002) demonstrated that brown-headed cowbirds had a differential physiological response to playbacks of different host species vocalizations, indicating that this species is able to distinguish between heterospecific songs.
Survival benefit to antipredator behavior in the amphipod Gammarus minus (Crustacea: Amphipoda) in response to injury-released chemical cues from conspecifics and heterospecifics. Ethology 105:407-415.
For example, in Helianthus mixed loads of self and heterospecific pollen lead to the failure of SI in these otherwise self-incompatible, wild sunflower species (Desrochers and Rieseberg, in press).
Effects of floral restrictiveness and stigma size on heterospecific pollen receipt in a prairie community.
In most Encarsia species, females develop as primary parasitoids, whereas males develop as hyperparasitoids on the larvae and pupae of conspecific or heterospecific individuals, including Eretmocerus (Walter 1983; Hunter & Woolley 2001).
labiosus females to visual and olfactory cues of conspecific and heterospecific males.
Pollination limitation or failure in plants can be attributed to absence of pollinators, failure of removal pollen to reach a recipient, poor quality or insufficient pollen quantity and dispersion of heterospecific pollen (Wilcock & Neiland, 2002), whereas resource limitation may be a reflection of the fitness costs associated with sexual reproduction in the previous season (Ackerman & Montalvo, 1990).