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Heterologous, as pertains to grafts.
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For example, one species could attract pollinators from other areas, leading to facilitation at a large spatial scale, while competing for visits on a smaller scale and competing even more strongly by heterospecific pollen transfer among near neighbors.
In addition, in a small number of cases, egg suspensions were apparently contaminated by exogenous sperm sometime during handling, because heterospecific trials showed an appreciable number of fertilized eggs that did not increase with increasing concentrations of added sperm.
3) Are cannibals produced when crowded with heterospecific salamander larvae?
The observed number of alleles (Na), effective number of alleles (Ne), Nei's (1978) gene diversity (H), and Shannon's information index (I) of conspecific and heterospecific crosses are shown in Table 2.
Heterospecific cross-fostering, either experimental or natural, may provide researchers with an opportunity to study development of birds under different conditions and reproductive life history strategies provided for by the host species (Slagsvold, 2004).
Species are said to be "segregated" when the ratio of conspecific to heterospecific nearest neighbors is greater than expected and "attracted" when the ratio is less than expected (Pielou 1961, Cuzick and Edwards 1990, Dixon 1994).
Ecological character displacement in body size is of concern, as body size is known to strongly affect the probability of interspecific mating (Nagel and Schluter 1998): heterospecific matings occur only between the larger individuals of the smaller species (limnetics) and the smaller individuals of the larger species (benthics; Nagel and Schluter, in press).
Because fertilization was successful in both conspecific and heterospecific crosses, we further examined two potential postzygotic barriers to reproduction (hybrid inviability and sterility) by rearing hybrid offspring to sexual maturity and backcrossing them to field-collected adults.
The study said five of the female monkeys observed had "successful heterospecific consortships" with deer.
Hemolysis and hyperbilirubinemia in ABO blood group heterospecific neonates.
Ecology and evolution of resource-related heterospecific aggression.