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A polysaccharide composed of two or more different types of monosaccharides. Compare: glycan, homoglycan.
Synonym(s): heteroglycan
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According to this observation, it is anticipated that the hydrophobic tails of two surfactants molecules are partially encapsulated into the cavity of a [beta]-CD molecule forming a 2:1 inclusion complex; after which the supramolecular system (SAP) is formed by self-assembling through nonbonding interactions between the S: [beta]-CD inclusion complexes and the branch chains of the heteropolysaccharide (xanthan gum backbones).
Xanthan is a heteropolysaccharide which is composed of glucose, mannose, glucoronic acid, acetate and pyruvate.
Hyaluronan, also called hyaluronic acid (HA), is a long-chain linear heteropolysaccharide classified as nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan.
glutinins was a novel uronic acid, mannose-rich acidic heteropolysaccharide composed of neutral sugars (85%)and uronic acid (15%).
A completely naturally-derived, submicron dispersion of a heteropolysaccharide, it's easily incorporated into O/W emulsions, body milks, gel serums and any other formulation where a significant moisturizing effect is desired.
Depending on the chemical class, sulfated galactans (Rhodophyta) (Kloareg & Quatrano, 1988; Mourao, 2015), fucans or fucoidan (Ochrophyta) (Athukorala, Jung, Vasanthan, & Jeon, 2006) and sulfated heteropolysaccharides (Chlorophyta) (Wang, Wang, Wu & Liu, 2014) are the main polymeric identities of the SPs playing regulatory roles of the algae (Kloareg & Quatrano, 1988).
It contains ginsenosides (triterpenic saponosides), sugars (polymeric forms like polygalacturonic acid) and heteropolysaccharides, and contains 0.
lucidum are also heteropolysaccharides that have [alpha]-(1 [right arrow] 4)-d-glucopyranosyl and [beta]-(1 [right arrow] 6)-D-galactopyranosyl with branches at O-6 of glucose and O-2 of galactose.
HA belongs to the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) group, which consists of anionic heteropolysaccharides composed of long, nonramified and repetitive disaccharide units.