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A polysaccharide composed of two or more different types of monosaccharides. Compare: glycan, homoglycan.
Synonym(s): heteroglycan
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The molecular mass of heteropolysaccharides may range from 4.0 * [10.sup.4] and 6.0 * [10.sup.6] [27]; Streptococcus thermophilus SY2 produced two EPS fraction of 2 * [10.sup.6] and 5 * [10.sup.4] [26].
According to this observation, it is anticipated that the hydrophobic tails of two surfactants molecules are partially encapsulated into the cavity of a [beta]-CD molecule forming a 2:1 inclusion complex; after which the supramolecular system (SAP) is formed by self-assembling through nonbonding interactions between the S: [beta]-CD inclusion complexes and the branch chains of the heteropolysaccharide (xanthan gum backbones).
Xanthan is an important anionic heteropolysaccharide produced by Xanthomonas campestris pv.
In the extracellular matrix of nasal polyps, the majority of water molecules are located in hyaluronian heteropolysaccharide helix [37].
Other subjects covered include a complex-flow mathematical model of sulfur deposition in gas pools, the use of heteropolysaccharide in acid gas injection, geochemical recovery of carbon dioxide, and a coupled mathematical model of gas migration in cemented annulus with a mud column in an acid gas well.
Determination of sugars in heteropolysaccharide by phenol-sulfuric acid method.
Xanthan gum is an another industrially important exocellular heteropolysaccharide natural gum, used as thickening agent [22] and also has been used as hydrophilic sustained release matix material for different drugs [23,24].
Gellan gum, an exocellular heteropolysaccharide, is secreted by bacteria and is an excellent gelling agent.
The mucilage content in a cladode is directly related to the moisture content because its heteropolysaccharide components have the ability to absorb water.
Xylan is a heteropolysaccharide consisting of [beta]-1,4-linked Dxylose monomers in connection with side branches of arabinosyl, glucuronosyl, acetyl, uronyl, and mannosyl residues (Tsujibo et al, 1997).
Xanthan is a heteropolysaccharide which is composed of glucose, mannose, glucoronic acid, acetate and pyruvate.
Hyaluronan, also called hyaluronic acid (HA), is a long-chain linear heteropolysaccharide classified as nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan.