Denoting a heterokaryon that has lost some of the nuclear material of which the cell line was originally constituted.
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WBG-II is heteronuclear dimetal complex of lanthanum and calcium with some specific ligands, which is a kind of irregular block-like crystal whose single crystal diameters is about tens of nanometers [59-61], WBG-II has a general formula of [Ca.
As displayed in Figure 3, in the heteronuclear multiple-bond correlation (HMBC) spectrum, long range correlations were detected from H-1" ([delta] 4.
Among the topics are small volume NMR: microprobes and cryoprobes, applying non-uniform sampling for sensitivity enhancement of small-molecule heteronuclear correlation NMR spectra, applying computer-assisted structure elucidation methods and NMR prediction to natural materials, multi-dimensional spin correlations by covariance NMR, and prospects and challenges in identifying molecular structure by atomic force microscopy.
Further, heteronuclear multiple bond coherence (HMBC) and 13C-1H COSY of 1 further confirmed the structure and its 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR data were assigned as shown in Table-1.
Parella, "Spin-edited 2D HSQC-TOCSY experiments for the measurement of homonuclear and heteronuclear coupling constants: application to carbohydrates and peptides," Journal of Magnetic Resonance, vol.
1]H gradient heteronuclear single quantum coherence (gHSQC) NMR experiments were performed using an Agilent Inova 750 MHz spectrometer equipped with an H/C/N 5 mm-PEG triple resonance cryoprobe with Z-gradients.
Using heteronuclear multidimensional NMR Ogata et al.
Although the narrative ends on a comedic note, promising recreation of the heteronuclear family and thus the perpetuation of the human species, the overwhelming tone of A Friend of the Earth is one of cynicism and despair: its narrative solution is withdrawal from society, since civic engagement hasn't worked.
Abbreviations BAIB Bis-acetoxy Iodo Benzene Cbz Carboxybezyloxy COSY Correlation Spectroscopy DCM Dichloromethane DMAP Dimethoxy Amino Pyridine DMT Dimethoxytrityl DNA Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid ESI-MS Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry HMQC Heteronuclear Multiple Quantum Coherence KBr Potassium Bromide MeCN Acetonitrile NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance RNA Ribonucleic Acid TEMPO (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-l-yl)oxidanyl
Heteronuclear decoupling during acquisition of the FID was performed with Spinal-64 with a proton field strength of 70 kHz.