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In cytogenetics, a difference of shape or size in metaphase between the two homologous chromosomes.
[hetero- + G. morphē, shape]
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Heteromorphism was not obvious in the transplantation tumor cells of HIF-1a/siRNA group and vascular systems were sparse in its tissues, but in SCR/siRNA group heteromorphism was obvious and vascular systems were increased.
Heteromorphism in one relatively large autosomal pair (subtelocentric/acrocentric) resulting in NFa = 71, was recorded in some specimens from Erbaa (Sozen et al.
1998) presented data on chromosomal heteromorphism in a Brazilian species, Cerdocyon thous.
Recent studies suggest that classical euchromatic variants of 9q12/qh+ and heteromorphism on chromosome 6q may be responsible for recurrent abortions (15, 16).
In terms of local neighbourhood relations, a partial heteromorphism of the two structures was detected.
Pollen aperture heteromorphism is not due to unreduced gametophyte.
Parental origin of the extra chromosome in the cat eye syndrome: Evidence from heteromorphism and in situ hybridization analysis.
This possibility was discarded after it was noted that the presumptive heteromorphism occurred both among and within individual spreads from the same organism, and at the same frequency in both sexes.
Kim adds to this formula the heteromorphism that previously fell into the domains of fairy tales and science fiction.
Very ordinary plant architectural traits, such as height and branching patterns, influenced dispersal in conjunction with highly specialized fruit characters hypothesized to be adaptations for dispersal, such as seed heteromorphism.