heterologous desensitization

het·er·ol·o·gous de·sen·si·tiz·a·tion

stimulation by one agonist that leads to a broad pattern of unresponsiveness to further stimulation by a variety of other agonists.
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Rapid antidepressant response to alprazolam in depressed patients with high catecholamine output arid heterologous desensitization of platelet adenylate cyclase.
Gi down-regulation and heterologous desensitization in adipocytes after treatment with the [alpha]2 agonist.
Gi down-regulation as a mechanism for heterologous desensitization in adipocytes.
alpha]-Hederin increases isoprenaline-induced relaxation indirectly, probably by inhibiting heterologous desensitization induced by high concentrations of muscarinic ligands like methacholine.