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A polysaccharide composed of two or more different types of monosaccharides. Compare: glycan, homoglycan.
Synonym(s): heteroglycan
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Nc-5-s is a heteroglycan isolated from free-living colonies of Nostoc commune and its structure has been characterized in detail.
The complete amino acid sequence and primary structure of its heteroglycan.
The heteroglycan breakdown products (oligosaccharide fragments produced by the action of each enzyme preparation) correlated with the quality differences produced by each of the enzymes.
Urinary screening for disorders of complex heteroglycan metabolism: results of 10 years experience with a comprehensive system.
Liu CL, Zhang YS, Li RQ (1988) Studies on the water soluble polysaccharides from Panax ginseng fruit: Isolation, purification and structural studies on heteroglycan F.
Component sugar analysis suggests that some active polysaccharides are grouped into pectic polysaccharides containing arabinogalactan or heteroglycan chains.
The concentration of the heteroglycans in APS and ABPS, and saponins in ASS were 50%, 40%, and 1%, respectively.
Three heteroglycans Ths-4, Ths-5 and thamnolan and a [beta]-glucan, Ths-2, isolated from the lichen Thamnolia vermicularis var.
Mode of complement activation by acidic heteroglycans from the leaves of Artemisia princeps PAMP.
The heteroglycans were tested for in vitro immunomodulating activities and showed mitogenic activity in rat spleen cell proliferation assay and stimulated IL-10 secretion.
Lichens produce different kinds of polysaccharides, including [alpha] and [beta]-glucans, galactomannans, and a few heteroglycans.
These results are consistent with the presence of starch and extractable neutral and/or acidic cell-wall heteroglycans as found in other higher plants (Lien and Gao, 1990).