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A polysaccharide composed of two or more different types of monosaccharides. Compare: glycan, homoglycan.
Synonym(s): heteroglycan
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Hemicellulases hydrolyze a range of heteroglycans found mainly in cell walls.
While concentrations of this acute-phase protein may vary to a moderate degree (increasing up to four-fold) during an acute-phase response, altered patterns of glycosylation of the five heteroglycan side chains of this protein may also occur, independently of concentrations of the protein [33].
Nc-5-s is a complex heteroglycan with average molecular weight around 15001<Da.
The aim of this study was to determine the effects of the heteroglycan Nc-5-s from N.
We have reported that crude polysaccharide fraction (F-5) contains active pectic polysaccharides for expression of immunomodulating activities against systemic immune system; 5 pectins and 4 pectic arabinogalactans possessing complement activating activity, 11 pectins having mitogenic activity against B lymphocytes, and 3 pectic heteroglycans possessing IL-2 production enhancing activity (Kiyohara et al.
Three heteroglycans have been isolated from the aqueous extract; an unusual cold water-soluble polysaccharide named thamnolan, consisting of galactofuranosyl chains and a rhaman-rich core (Olafsdottir et al.
Ths-4 and Ths-5 are heteroglycans with similar structure, apart from the molecular size, which is 19 kDa for Ths-4 and 200kDa for Ths-5 (Omarsdottir et al.
The heteroglycans were tested for in vitro immunomodulating activities and showed mitogenic activity in rat spleen cell proliferation assay and stimulated IL-10 secretion.
A few chromatographically purified homogenic lichen polysaccharides, including two heteroglycans have been shown to induce phagocytosis and/or anti-complementary activity (Ingolfsdottir et al.
Lichens produce different kinds of polysaccharides, including [alpha] and [beta]-glucans, galactomannans, and a few heteroglycans.
These results are consistent with the presence of starch and extractable neutral and/or acidic cell-wall heteroglycans as found in other higher plants (Lien and Gao, 1990).