heterogeneous nucleation

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het·er·o·ge·ne·ous nu·cle·a·tion

nucleation about a nidus composed of material other than that precipitating.
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The primary nuclei composition does not vary from that of the main crystalline phase in homogeneous nucleation, while, the crystallization of the glass in heterogeneous nucleation is induced by introduction foreign nuclei which named nucleating agent.
p] of sample PUCNT5 is highest suggesting that higher concentration of the MWCNTs has provided more nucleating sites leading to more effective heterogeneous nucleation.
The barrier energy for heterogeneous nucleation is not reached by small amounts of cooling energy at these temperatures.
In our previous work [8], we had synthesized N, N, N, N'-tetra(benzoyl) ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid dihydrazide (NA), and crystallization performance indicated that NA as a kind of heterogeneous nucleation agent could improve the crystallization rate of PLLA.
Neat biodiesel may promote the heterogeneous nucleation owing to oxygen enrichment (Shah et al.
Specific topics include heterogeneous nucleation on a completely wettable substrate, determining surface free energy at the nanoscale with atomic force microscopy without altering the original morphology, cold radiofrequency plasma modification of the wettability and germination rate of plant seeds, the effect on contact angle of the plasma deposition of zinc oxide thin films on sugar maple, and the interaction of surface free energy and wettability on the friction coefficient between tire and road surface in wet conditions.
Simply placing vials on a shelf and lowering the shelf temperature leads to heterogeneous nucleation and non-uniform crystal growth, which impede primary drying.
Other areas examined include oxygen precipitation studied by X-ray diffraction techniques, structural defect studies of semiconductor crystals with Laue topography, tailoring the electrical properties of undoped GaP, and homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation of oxygen in S-CZ.
This form of nucleation is called heterogeneous nucleation and occurs in a much lower level of SS.
The nucleation theory can be grouped under two categories: homogeneous nucleation and heterogeneous nucleation.
For this purpose in [12] low MM PEs were emulsified to separate the nucleation from the growth process and to remove macroscopic heterogeneous nucleation sites.
Therefore, upon initial collision of the particles with the balls, heterogeneous nucleation occurs, and the balls become covered with a film of liquid.
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