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An involuntary delay or inability in starting the urinary stream.
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An involuntary delay or inability in starting the urinary stream.
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Involuntary delay in initiating urination. This symptom may be caused by drugs, such as tricyclic antidepressants, by abnormal relaxation of the detrusor muscle of the bladder, by prostatic hyperplasia, urethral stricture, and other urinary tract disorders.
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Patient discussion about hesitancy

Q. Don't hesitate to post even if you know small tips. I’m 24, female and I am addicted to alcohol. I’m wondering if there is any permanent cure for alcoholism. Don't hesitate to post even if you know small tips.

A. Hey, come on! you're still very young. The best way to quit alcohol is by HAVING IN MIND (correct! that's the power of mind) that you WANT to QUIT.

the environmental support will mean a lot, so if you think that you're surrounded by non-supporting people, you have to find the antidote, if it is needed you can move to a new place, with a new environment, and surely with the new supporting groups.

Q. My 5 years old son with autism is hesitant to try with new foods. My 5 years old son with autism is hesitant to try with new foods. His diet consists of goldfish crackers, Ritz bits, Cheese and fruit puffs... that's it. He used to eat fruit, but now he is not willing to try anything. We have had all the GI tests; everything is fine. We give him gummy style vitamins with fruit snacks, thank god he takes those. We need some fresh ideas for introducing food. Any ideas…

A. As your son is rejecting entire food groups, you must consult a specialist. The only thing is that he must have lost on his hunger and he eats what he only likes. You can try like stopping any foods for a day say on holiday and feed on fruit puffs and check if his hunger comes back and he should be eating what is available. Or you can give him different recipes and find if he likes any.

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A common reason given for vaccine hesitancy is lack of trust among communities and parents for immunisation campaigns.
Parental vaccine hesitancy: Clinical implications for pediatric providers.
Stetson and his coworkers then introduced three quality improvement measures: They provided easy Intranet access to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) routine immunization schedule, plus an Excel-based checklist that automatically red flagged when a baby was due for an immunization that hadn't been given, and guidance on how to address parental vaccine hesitancy. Thereafter, the on-time immunization rate began its sharp upward climb.
Their study showed that the vaccine hesitancy phenomenon started well before the 1990s and offers insight on the forces at play behind current instances of vaccine hesitancy.
No, we weren't lucky we were very good at taking advantage of Liverpool's hesitancy at that particular time and it unhinged them.
Vaccine hesitancy and vaccine refusal are extremely complex social issues that require interventions at the individual, provider, health care system, and national levels.
The WHO has recently voiced its concerns regarding vaccine hesitancy, defined as people delaying or refusing vaccines for their children or themselves.
In a special issue of the journal Vaccine, guest-edited by WHO and published today, experts review the role of vaccine hesitancy in limiting vaccine coverage and explore strategies to address it.
Against the run of play, Craig Gilhooley scored to give Stoneyburn the lead when he took advantage of hesitancy in the home box and slammed the ball into the net.
This hesitancy is understandable, but may prevent a board from solving particular problems or reaching higher levels of performance.
But it was Sweeney who grabbed the winner, making the most of hesitancy in the Us defence to slot home.
"It is an indication of hesitancy by consumers and their willingness to spend more, as opposed to just working down debt."