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Attributed to or described by Heinrich R. Hertz.
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The stress state from the proposed solution and the Hertzian case are compared by simultaneous numerical simulation using CATIA Generative Structural Analysis module, Fig.
Generalized Hertzian Model for the Deformation and Cracking of Colloidal Packings Saturated with Liquid.
Basic modes of gear failures Non-lubrication related failures Overload Bending Fatigue Brittle Fracture Ductile Fracture Low-cycle Fatigue ([less than or equal to] Plastic 1000 cycles to failure) Deformation * Cold Flow High-cycle Fatigue (> * Hot Flow 1000 cycles to failure) * Indentation * Rippling * Ridging * Bending Lubrication related failures Hertzian Fatigue Wear Scuffing Pitting * Initial * Superficial Adhesion * Destructive Scoring * Spalling Abrasion Galling Micro-pitting Corrosion- * Frosting Fretting Seizing * Gray Stanning Corrosion Welding * Peeling Subcase Fatigue Tab.
The accuracy of the FEM results was verified by comparing the nominal values of the Hertzian pressure as well as the nominal tooth root stress, assuming a uniform load distribution to the three planets, i.
Under s 1(1), "broadcasting" is defined as "the dissemination of writing, signs, signals, pictures and sounds of all kinds, intended to be received by the public either directly or through the medium of relay stations, by means of, (a) any form of wireless radioelectric communication utilizing Hertzian waves, including radiotelegraph and radiotelephone, or (b) cables, wires, fibre-optic linkages or laser beams.
The weathered form of the limestone makes it easy to procure and its highly siliceous nature (up to 18 per cent silica evenly distributed throughout the stone) gives it excellent Hertzian flaking properties, so it is an ideal material for lithic manufacture (Petraglia et al.
Some examples of specific topics discussed include mesomechanical constitutive relations for glass and ceramic armor, optimizing transparent armor design subject to projectile impact conditions, advances in ballistic performance of commercially available Saint-Gobain sapphire transparent armor composites, instrumented Hertzian indentation study of two commercial silicon carbides, quantitative characterization of localized amplitude variations in silicon carbide ceramics using ultrasound c-scan imaging, portable microwave scanning technique for nondestructive testing of multilayered dielectric materials, and automated nondestructive evaluation system for hard armor protective inserts of body armor.
The models of impact forces, based on the Hertzian contact theory for point contact, show a more realistic force-displacement diagram: in the unloaded initial position 0 x = the spring-damper force is equal to zero.
From a technological perspective, television was conditioned in its early days by the limitations of the radio spectrum and the technical characteristics of transmission by Hertzian waves.
The system is also equipped with automated sterilization devices capable of killing pests through ultra-violet rays and electronic exterminators capable of killing black beetles and mice through hertzian waves, ultrasonic sounds and infrared rays.