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Attributed to or described by Heinrich R. Hertz.
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The Hertzian contact formula described above for [W.sub.O] was reminiscent of the power law lines-of-best-fit running through experimental data, yielding the equations [W.sub.F] = 0.1778 x [F.sup.0.2273] x [D.sup.0.2936] for MOM, [W.sub.F] = 0.0449 x [F.sup.0.4664] x [D.sup.0.4201] for MOP, and [W.sub.F] = 0.1647 x [F.sup.0.2397] x [D.sup.0.3394] for MOB, where [W.sub.F] is contact width measured by Fujifilm, F is compressive force, and D is cylinder diameter.
Semielliptic pressure distribution is observed at Hertzian contact between a ball and a steel plate.
Atanov, "The radiation problem from a vertical Hertzian dipole antenna above flat and lossy ground: novel formulation in the spectral domain with closed-form analytical solution in the high frequency regime", Int.
In their inspiring work, the authors analyzed theoretically power transmission coefficient of a Hertzian dipole immersed in a dielectric medium surrounded by a dissipative medium.
(iii) increased contact stress (due to smaller wheel radius): the change in wheel diameter is [approximately equals] 6% which would increase the Hertzian contact stress by [approximately equals] 2%.
Nowadays, Lamb waves can be actively generated and collected with various methods such as ultrasonic probes coupled with angle-adjustable Perspex wedges [6]; Hertzian contact transducer [7]; laser-based ultrasonic (LBU) for Lamb wave generation and laser interferometer for their acquisition [8]; piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) elements [9]; and interdigital transducers such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) piezoelectric polymer film [10].
Ruse showed in two subsequent papers [3, 4] the intrinsic geometric significance of these functions as the principal directions of a covariant relativistic expression of Hertzian tensors in general.
(11), (21-25) One of the simplest was derived by Brown, (11) who balanced the force to compress two Hertzian spheres with the estimated lowest capillary pressure that can be supported by a stable meniscus between three latex particles (12.9[gamma] / R) to obtain:
Hertzian Tales: Electronic Products, Aesthetic Experience, and Critical Design.
Lindman: The last Hertzian, and a harbinger of electromagnetic chirality," IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, Vol.