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Attributed to or described by Heinrich R. Hertz.
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7 shows the contact stress calculated from the Hertz theory and the AGMA standard are very close but the FEM results are bigger than the two other methods, because, gear contact is not purely Hertzian [30].
Hertzian contact mechanics theory [4] is applied here to estimate the maximum pressure and radius of the contact between the steel ball and a flat plastic sample (see Figure 30) In this theory, the contacting bodies are assumed to exhibit linear elastic behavior and the indentation depth is small compared to the radius of the ball.
Most researchers used the moving Hertzian or modified Hertzian pressure distribution to represent the contact pressure for rolling with [p.
Their model considers the axial deformations of the screw/nut as well as the geometric errors of the balls and raceways, by assuming that the elongation of the screw/nut under axial loads should compensate for the Hertzian contact deformations and the geometric errors of the balls and raceways.
The contact stiffness of the rolling interface can be calculated according to the Hertzian theory [19].
At Hertzian contact between a ball and a coated rail, semielliptic pressure distribution is observed.
Here a Hertzian (small) dipole with dipole moment p directed to positive X axis, at altitude xo above the infinite, flat and lossy ground, radiates time-harmonic electromagnetic (EM) waves at angular frequency [omega] = 2[pi]f Here the relative complex permittivity of the ground is [[epsilon]'.
r] is the spring deformation, K is the load--deformation factor or Hertzian elastic contact deformation constant, and n is the load - deformation exponent which is: 3/2 for ball bearings and 10/9 for roller bearings.
Nonlinear vibration of rectangular atomic force microscope cantilevers by considering the Hertzian contact theory, Canadian Journal of Physics 88(5): 333-348.
In so doing, Tesla actually exhausted himself, focusing on multiple problems at once, a factor that may have contributed to Marconi besting him in the use of Hertzian waves for radio purposes.
Evci and Gulgeg [5] investigated the impact damage growth and determined the Hertzian failure and maximum force thresholds in three different types of composites namely unidirectional E-Glass, woven E-Glass and woven Aramid composite.
A Hertzian dipole model demonstrates that the far-field radiated emission due to the common-mode current is given by [27-29]