Herringbone Pattern

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Imaging A pattern which may be seen on a plain abdominal film in patients with acute abdomen, in which loops of small intestine are distended with air, contiguous, and the mesenteric fat is comparatively dense; the appearance is due to prominence of the valvulae conniventes
Pathology A descriptor for the arrangement of malignant fibroblasts when viewed by low-power light microscopy, in which the elongated nuclei are positioned at sharp angles to each other in linear arrays, a pattern characteristic of fibrosarcoma, which may be seen in malignant schwannoma and in benign nodular fasciitis; a herringbone pattern is composed of rows of parallel lines with adjacent rows slanting in reverse direction
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A particularly noteworthy aspect of the process pointed out by Boyce is the ability to create deterministic two-dimensional patterns of wrinkles, such as a zigzag herringbone pattern. "The deterministic nature of these patterns is very powerful and yields principles for designing desired surface topologies," she believes.
Other ensembles in the Club collection include Unis, a herringbone pattern in tan and white; and Hegoa, an optical cube pattern in ink and sky blue.
Histologically, the lesion was characterized by solidly packed sheets of spindle cells arranged in fascicles that imparted the appearance of a herringbone pattern in some areas (figure 3).
By seamlessly hinging two prints of a photo of one loft building; by running side by side minutely varied double portraits of the Western Union Building's facade, sometimes creating an urban herringbone pattern; and by adjusting slightly the frame of her picture of some Canal Street buildings, Mangolte cleverly confuses positive and negative space, undermines the stolidity of the squat brick structures, and generally presents as strange that which is familiar.
The Medline puller also has a herringbone pattern instead of a crown or "V" shape on upper and lower belts and pulleys to eliminate skidding or slipping.
He welded six separate strands of carbonised iron into a strong blade, using a technique of folding strands of iron, giving a herringbone pattern.
Go for curved paving stones, or straight-edged stones laid in curved lines or a herringbone pattern to encourage chi (positive energy).
Stylish silver ensemble from Vivienne Tam features metallic plaid jacket sequined in a herringbone pattern, worn over complementary top with embroidered neckline, and crocheted metallic skirt worn over satin underskirt.
Lennox, for instance, recently unveiled two interior firebox options--one with the rustic look of Old English cottage walls and the other with a unique herringbone pattern. Other manufacturers also are introducing a variety of attention-grabbing styles, employing glass and mirrors to create handsome models.
Placement of pavers using the herringbone pattern may benefit from beginning in the corner of a project rather than using the T or horizontal methods.
"You might get an additional look with a unique piece, a herringbone pattern, but I mostly see the figures falling into the mottle or fiddleback categories," Cox says.