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One who specializes in herpetology.
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Magistrates were told that Gates was a herpetologist who had a collection of reptiles.
A Brooklyn native Howard Sherman describes himself as a pharmacist a herpetologist (a student of reptiles and amphibians) and a naturalist.
And while Missouri's beautiful mountain streams are crystal clear, says Jeff Briggler, a herpetologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, clear doesn't mean clean.
I am truly happy that his daughter Maria Daniela helped to see this book published, to let us enjoy the fi nal output of a herpetologist that spent many years of his life retracing Humboldt's expeditions in Venezuela.
Snakes Of The Americas: Checklist And Lexicon is a book/CD combination compiled and written by herpetologist Bob L.
"I didn't want to hurt anyone," the would-be herpetologist said.
The ones that aren't particularly afraid of people and that can "tear off your cat's head with one twist," as University of Florida herpetologist Kenneth Kaysko likes to say?
The truth is, Wilson, an amateur herpetologist, is fascinated by the timber rattlesnakes that hide in blueberry fields and under large rocks in North Central Pennsylvania.
As an amateur herpetologist, I've admired many reptiles in their natural habitats as well as captive environments.
A herpetologist (hur-puh-TAHL-uh-jist) is a scientist who studies reptiles and amphibians.
According to Anslem De Silva, a top herpetologist, the annual death toll is one of the highest in the world.