herpes gestationis

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her·pes ges·ta·tio·'nis

a polymorphous, bullous eruption, more common on the extremities and abdomen than on the upper trunk, with the appearance of pemphigoid or dermatitis herpetiformis; beginning in the second or third trimester, flaring about the time of delivery and subsequently resolving; usually recurrent during subsequent pregnancy. Linear C3 is shown in the epidermal basement membrane by direct immunofluorescence. Not caused by viral infection.
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herpes gestationis

Duhring-Brocq disease Obstetrics A rare pruritic, polymorphic, subepidermal bullous dermatitis of pregnancy linked to↑ infant mortality; it may recur with subsequent pregnancies and be activated by OCs Treatment Corticosteroids
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her·pes ges·ta·ti·o·nis

(hĕr'pēz jes-tā'shē-ō'nis)
A polymorphous, bullous eruption beginning in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, flaring about the time of delivery, and subsequently resolving.
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herpes gestationis

An uncommon skin disease affecting pregnant women and causing red-based blisters anywhere on the body but usually symmetrically on the elbows, shoulder blades, buttocks and backs of the thighs. The condition resolves as soon as the baby is born but recurs in subsequent pregnancies or even on taking oral contraceptives.
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