herpes simplex encephalitis

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her·pes sim·plex en·ceph·a·li·tis

the most common acute encephalitis, caused by HSV-1; affects people of any age; preferentially involves the inferomedial portions of the temporal lobe and the orbital portions of the frontal lobes; pathologically, severe hemorrhagic necrosis is present along with, in the acute stages, intranuclear eosinophilic inclusion bodies in the neurons and glial cells.
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The patient was diagnosed as having pseudotumor cerebri and herpes encephalitis and acetazolamide and acyclovir was initiated.
A comparison of patients with PCR-confirmed herpes encephalitis, PCR-negative possible viral encephalitis, and an alternative diagnosis revealed that the parameters of mean age and sex were comparable between the groups (Table 2).
Some people, primarily certain victims of Alzheimer's disease, amnesia, strokes or herpes encephalitis, also suffer from prosopagnosia, a brain disorder that renders its victims incapable of visually recognizing the faces of people they know--including their family and friends.
Acquired variety includes Birth trauma, Perinatal intracranial haemorrhages, Rasmussen encephalitis, Post-ictal cerebral hemiatrophy, Infection like Herpes Encephalitis, Vascular abnormalities like Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome, Sturge-Weber Syndrome, Ischaemia, Neoplasia like Basal cell germinoma, Radiation, Phakomatosis (Neurofibromatosis) etc.
Objectives: To find out the effect of the atypical presentation of herpes encephalitis in the form of intracerebral Hemorrhage on the morbidity and mortality of patients
A report of a premature infant with cutaneous herpes simplex virus (HSV) disease who developed herpes encephalitis despite suppressive therapy called into question assumptions about the efficacy of oral acyclovir regimens for HSV suppression (Pediatrics 2005; 115:804-9).
Herpes encephalitis had the highest overall case-fatality rate and mean length of stay and was considered to be the most severe diagnosis.
Severe infections include disseminated herpes simplex, herpes encephalitis, and complicated varicella zoster.
There was a report released from Los Angeles that in a lot of gays, one of the initial presentations was herpes encephalitis. When you get a young 25-, 26-, or 27-year-old man who presents with some signs of encephalitis and, if you think it is herpes encephalitis, you definitely have to assume he has AIDS until proven otherwise.
Unlike Herpes encephalitis basal ganglia is involved with similar signal changes.
Seventeen patients initially received antibiotics, and eight were treated with acyclovir for presumptive herpes encephalitis. One patient was comatose and was treated with oral ribavirin and alpha-interferon without improvement.