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Q. Will drinking make me a handsome hero? My friend who is working in the movie making corporation told me that the secret behind the heroes & heroines is ‘drinking’. Will drinking make me a handsome hero?

A. this is completely false. drinking will not make you a handsome hero.

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In its subject and basic structure, Hughes-Hallett's book recalls Thomas Carlyle's lecture series On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History, published in 1841.
Why go along with the hero-worship, so universal in our history textbooks, of Andrew Jackson, the slave-owner, the killer of Indians?
Hero-worship necessarily takes an individualised view of society and social change.
Thomas Carlyle, On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History, in The Works of Thomas Carlyle, vol.
Seeing black, Harvey seldom sees beyond the overall color of the frock coat or suit to what may be combined with it: red (the Napoleonic military scarlet of Gericault's hero-worship and Stendahl's metaphor), or floral tapestry (the waistcoats of the 18th century), or even the color accents and idiosyncratic details of modern menswear.
On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History Six essays by Thomas CARLYLE, published in 1841 and based on a series of lectures he delivered in 1840.
Among his books are A Century of Hero-Worship (1944), a study of hero-worship in modern literature; The Playwright as Thinker (1946); Bernard Shaw (1947); In Search of Theatre (1953); What Is Theatre?
Why should we hero-worship a man just for driving a car fast (at least for half the season)?
But the front-row ace sensationally quit the club last year and now expects a red-hot reception from fans who used to hero-worship him.
Every so often he will say something that just about justifies the hero-worship.