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Denoting any structure protruded through a hernial opening.
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Denoting any structure protruded through a hernial opening.
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Q. do you know of a good gastro doctor in staten island ny. I have acid refex so bad cant sleep, or lay flat.. years ago was told I had a hiatus hernia, and would only have fLare ups once in a while, have taken nexium for years, and it worked, but not anymore.. I really need to find a good doctor to test me again.

A. yazmine, if you want, you can try consume daily yogurt with a little apple cider vinegar in it (just add 5ml of ACV in your yogurt). some of gastric problems are believed to be caused by some bacteria. apple cider vinegar will help regulate the normal condition inside your gastric mucosa, so that for the long run it probably can help improve your condition.

Q. I have a low back pain that radiates to my leg when i pick up stuff. Is it a disc herniation? I am a 43 years old bank teller. During the past 5 months I've suffered from a low back pain. The pain is not very strong, but it gets much worse while doing physical activity. When i walk or lift heavy things the pain is even stronger, and it radiates to my left leg. Can it be signs for disc herniation?

A. It's possible that you have a nerve impingement from a disc herniation, but not necessarily so. What you need to know is that even if you have a herniated disc, the question is what would the recommended treatment be?
90% or more of herniated discs resolve without surgical treatment within 6 months. MRI imaging is generally only indicated if one is considering surgery; in other words, your pain and neurological status is such that surgery is clinically indicated. Then, an MRI may be helpful for the surgeon. If surgery is not indicated based on clinical/symptoms, then it probably is unwise to get an MRI. They often show abnormalities that are simply 'red herrings' and often prompt people to proceed with surgery that really is not needed. Beware!

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The hernia also contained a portion of non-opacified bladder with the foley catheter balloon/tip within the herniated segment (figure 1), causing the bladder to remain distended.
In contrast to the above-mentioned studies, there are some reports of IVD calcification accompanied by calcification of the herniated disc.
Straining at stool during constipation can create intense pressure over the spine resulting in herniated disc.
The plaintiff sought treatment later that evening for her injuries, which turned out to be a cervical herniated disk.
New Delhi [India], Aug 24 ( ANI ): Turns out, age does not need to be the decisive factor in herniated disc surgery or simply, a spine surgery.
The simplest procedure will just remove the herniated portion of a disc, and recovery is usually quick.
* Herniated spinal disc (also referred to as a bulging disc, and/or slipped disc).
Unlike in the case of an omphalocele, the herniated bowel is in direct contact with amniotic fluid.
Tests of the treatment were carried out on 80 patients experiencing at least three months of lower back pain due to a herniated disk that had not responded to treatments including exercise and medication.
The herniated contents in perineal hernia are usually the urinary bladder and retroperitoneal fat (Krishnamurthy, 2008).