hermeneutic circle

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hermeneutic circle (hurˈ·m·nōōˑ·tik serˑ·kl),

n the interpretation of the underlying insights and understandings embodied in a treatment program, which involves both the practitioner and client as they determine the reason for the unsatisfactory health status of the client and work toward a program for his or her betterment.
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His general commitment to holism and the hermeneutic circle means that each part of a book affects how we understand all of it, but surely this must apply with special force to its conclusion.
Kramer frequently frames his study as an effort to understand the "metaphysical knowledge" of music, and in his final chapter he boldly dismisses the notion of a hermeneutic circle (and implicitly hermeneutics itself) as creating a "false distinction between interpretation and understanding" (p.
Gadamer argues that the boundary of the hermeneutic circle is language; it is a boundary we cannot cross, for it contains language within: "all thinking about language is already once again drawn back into language.
This reflexive relationship with things--as Buxton says, he is interested in "a domestic culture conceived as a structured and structuring network" (17)--takes place in a hermeneutic circle which "constantly refers the individual element of evidence to its context, testing its interpretation in the light of all the evidence" (17).
I have found myself swept up into a hermeneutic circle that has involved me in a constant process of re-interpretation of what I have understood, of what I want to say and what this article is actually about.
The nine contributions that make up the bulk of the text are focused on a variety of related subjects, including structured behavior analysis as a tool for organizational behavior research in Sub-Saharan Africa, dynamic analysis and strategy in Africa management, Africa, the informal economy, and the hermeneutic circle, and several others.
The to-and-fro play through which neuronal assemblies form is the neurobiological basis of the hermeneutic circle.
The problem is, of course, that concrete evidence about the Globe and other playhouses is fragmentary and contradictory, but the internal evidence from the texts has not been fully and sagely mined to develop clearer ideas about performance context that might then be fed back into textual interpretation in a virtuous hermeneutic circle.
1) At the center of the methodology is the hermeneutic circle, which refers to the interpretive idea that by a dialectical interaction between the whole text and its parts, each gives the other meaning.
It turns out that the hermeneutic circle, as well as Gadamer's focus on playful moments within the process of understanding, can bring hermeneutics closer to the field of "deconstruction.
As the hermeneutic circle closes, so the meaning and understanding of the novel shift profoundly in one fell swoop.
The hermeneutic circle approach is commonly applied by philosophers and theologians in reviewing something that is not explicitly present in it.