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presence of both ovarian and testicular tissue and of ambiguous morphologic criteria of sex, a rare condition in human beings. Hermaphroditism is not to be confused with pseudohermaphroditism, in which an individual has only one kind of gonad but has significant secondary sex characters typical of the opposite sex.
bilateral hermaphroditism that in which gonadal tissue typical of both sexes occurs on each side of the body.
false hermaphroditism pseudohermaphroditism.
lateral hermaphroditism presence of gonadal tissue typical of one sex on one side of the body and typical of the other sex on the opposite side.
transverse hermaphroditism that in which the external genital organs are typical of one sex and the gonads typical of the other sex.
true hermaphroditism coexistence in the same person of both ovarian and testicular tissue, with somatic characters typical of both sexes.
unilateral hermaphroditism presence of gonadal tissue typical of both sexes on one side and of only an ovary or a testis on the other.
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The presence in one person of both ovarian and testicular tissue and ambiguous external genitalia; that is, true hermaphroditism.
Synonym(s): hermaphrodism
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Variant of hermaphroditism.
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Previous studies have brought up the possibility of hermaphrodism in striped mullet (Stenger, 1959; Atz, 1964; Moe, 1966); however, there is only one example of a simultaneous hermaphroditic striped mullet in the literature (Franks et al., 1998).
Intersexuality (hermaphrodism) was manifested in two forms: most intersex frogs (n = 37) had an ovotestis where proportionately large ova were present within testicular tissue, and a few (n = 6) had a complete testis and complete ovary.
The noun can be a "trope" and a "figure" (xi), "the dialectical combination of male and female sexual characteristics" (ix), a "combination of masculine and feminine characteristics" (111), or even "hermaphrodism" (95), even though a footnote on page 87 draws a distinction between androgyny and hermaphrodism.
imbecillis", an undescribed species, exhibit simultaneous hermaphrodism (SH).
Homosexuality is not a product of the heterosexual family; rather, transvestism, transsexualism, hermaphrodism and the varieties of homosexual and heterosexual sexual practice are all autonomous, equally valid and normal sexualities in their own right.
I use Sander Gilman's definition of the term "feminized" in this chapter: "a form of `external pseudo-hermaphrodism.' It is not true hermaphrodism, but rather the sharing of external, secondary sexual characteristics, such as the shape of the body or the tone of the voice.
A similar pattern arose in the nineteenth century in which "psychiatry, jurisprudence, and literature of a whole series of discourses on the species and subspecies of homosexuality, inversion, pederasty, and `psychic hermaphrodism'" made social controls possible, but which also gave rise to a "`reverse' discourse" in which "homosexuality began to speak in its own behalf, to demand that its legitimacy or `naturality' be acknowledged, often in the same vocabulary, using the same categories by which it was medically disqualified."(56)
In the Great Lakes, for instance, researchers have documented the "wasting" of tern chicks within days of hatching, same-sex pairing of herring gulls, eggshell-thinning in numerous colonial bird species and bald eagles, deformities, cancer of reproductive organs and hermaphrodism in St.
This pattern begs two questions: (1) under what conditions is simultaneous hermaphrodism selected for, and (2) what is the optimum allocation of resources to male vs.
On the occurrence of protandric hermaphrodism in the mollusc Crepidula fornicata.
1998), hermaphrodism and demasculinized larynges (Hayes et al.