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The total of all the inherited characters.
[O. Fr.]


The genetic and other characteristics transmitted to offspring.
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Last week, Senator Manchin sent a letter to the Acting Director of the NPS, Dan Smith, asking for a timetable of the reports evaluation and release to Congress, as well as underscoring Wheeling Heritages cultural significance and importance to the surrounding local economy.
Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), applauded the National Park Services (NPS) announcement that Wheeling National Heritage Area has been approved to continue receiving funding beyond fiscal year (FY) 2020.
That's why it's important to respect and safeguard all cultural heritages, through national laws and international treaties.
Al Ain was the first Emirati archaeological site to be included on the World Heritage Site list.
The pooled interaction of tourist proclivity towards heritages sites does not positively moderate the relationship between heritage site ecology and affect towards heritage sites (H3a) as the path load is not significant at 0.154 (a > 0.05).
Heritage tourism is "the link between the preservation of the past for its intrinsic value, and as a resource for the modern community as a commercial activity" (Ashworth & Tunbridge, 1990: 24).
He assured that the state of Botswana is committed to the protection of all its natural and cultural heritages regardless of whether it is a world heritage site or not.
BOTSWANA Okavango Delta on Sunday got 1,000th inscription in the list of the World Heritage Sites.
The National Center for Cultural Heritage of Mongolia and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation signed a memorandum of cooperation on preservation of cultural heritage, Montsame said.
This paper is designed to clarify the reality of being a cultural heritage practitioner these days.
This week sees the 10th anniversary of the National Lottery, which has given millions to heritage projects across Wales.
Last month saw Australia take the Chair of the important UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

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