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1. Capable of being passed from one generation to the next; hereditary.
2. Capable of inheriting or taking by inheritance.

her′i·ta·bil′i·ty n.
her′i·ta·bly adv.

Patient discussion about heritable

Q. Is Autism hereditary? My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with autism last year. I am now pregnant with my second child and am scared that he will too have autism.

A. There is a higher chance that your additional children will have autism too, however its not a given. Be more alert and notice any early signs that your child may develop.

Q. Is Leukemia hereditary? My Grandpa died of Leukemia when he was 50. I am worried that it might be hereditary. Is it?

A. Overall leukemia is not hereditary but there are rare reports of family clusters, that is, more than one case in a family. Therefore, you should consult your Doctor and tell him about your family's medical history.

Q. Is migraine hereditary? If both my parents suffer from migraines does it mean I can't avoid it?

A. Yes, migraines do have a very strong genetic correlation. However, it does not mean that if both your parents have it, you will have it too for 100%. It means only that you have a much higher risk than the regular population, that does not have migraines in their family, to suffer from this condition.

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Wirral Council had a pounds 2m investment with Heritable Bank, a UK bank owed by the Icelandic Bank Landsbanki, which subsequently went into administration.
According to Dr Fraser, the problem is a heritable condition affecting the cerebellum and doesnt respond to common pharmaceuticals, is sporadic and presents with unusual neurological signs.
Cheshire West and Cheshire Council (CWAC) is also shortly to receive its first re-payment of funds invested by its county council predecessor in Heritable, the UK subsidiary of Landbanski.
Lindsay Whittle, the council's Plaid Cymru council leader, said: "The council was given a briefing on Tuesday concerning the investments of pounds 15m made in Landsbanki and Heritable of Iceland.
In evidence to the committee, the LGA said it was "too early" to provide a realistic estimate of how much money would be returned from Heritable and K S F.
5m and pounds 5m in bonds are currently in Iceland's Heritable and Glitnir Banks respectively, officials said more risky current accounts or share holdings are not held in that country.
The long-term IDR for the bank's UK subsidiary, Landsbanki Heritable Bank was also downgraded to 'BBB' from 'A', short-term IDR to 'F3' from 'F1', and individual rating affirmed at 'C'.
Collectively, these are known as heritable disorders of connective tissue, but they should not be confused with rheumatologic connective tissue disorders.
A survey from Heritable Bank, the specialist buy-to-let lender, says Government attempts to tighten rules on lettings in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) - particularly popular in university towns and cities - triggered a bewildering complexity of new rules and a wide variety in costs.
In 2002, they described the use in mammalian cells of so-called short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs), which generate endogenous siRNAs within cells and thus provide stable, heritable gene silencing (in contrast, administered siRNAs are transient in their silencing effect).