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The differential diagnosis of hereditary multiple exostoses includes the enchondromatosis, which are a heterogeneous group of syndromes that present with multiple enchondromas associated with pathological fractures, pseudarthrosis, limb shortening, malignant transformation risk, and scoliosis.
Although there is good literature review published regarding cases of hereditary multiple exostoses, however, only a few cases have been reported in Puerto Rico.
Health-related Quality of Life in People with Hereditary Multiple Exostoses.
Genotype-phenotype correlation in hereditary multiple exostoses.
Natural history study of hereditary multiple exostoses.
Clinical outcome and genotype in patients with hereditary multiple exostoses.
The achievement of the 12-year-old from Gateshead is all the more commendable as he suffers from a very rare bone condition called hereditary multiple exostoses.
His achievements are all the more remarkable as he suffers from a bone condition called Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME), which affects only around 1,000 people in Britain.
Now 42, the Walkergate mum-of-three has lived with the debilitating bone disorder Hereditary Multiple Exostoses since she was a baby.

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