hereditary motor sensory neuropathy

her·ed·i·ta·ry mo·tor sen·so·ry neu·rop·a·thy

(hĕr-edi-tār-ē mōtŏr sensŏr-ē nūr-opă-thē)
An inherited progressive neural disease with weakness and numbness, especially of the legs; symptoms include fatigue, pain, poor balance, poor reflexes, poor sight, and poor hearing.
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Refsum disease, also known as phytanic acid storage disease, is an autosomal recessive genetic disease, belonging to hereditary motor sensory neuropathy Type-IV.
X-linked hereditary motor sensory neuropathy (type 1) presenting with a stroke-like episode.
All John, from Culross in Fife, knows is that the disease is called Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy Type 5, which attacks the nervous and muscular system
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