hereditary brown teeth

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An autosomal dominant [MIM 125490] dysodontogenesis which is one of the most common defects in dentin production, affecting 1:8,000 persons, characterised by small, yellow-brown teeth, fracturing of enamel and excessive wearing of teeth
Treatment Multidisciplinary approach focusing on occlusal rehabilitation, and restorative treatment to preserve where possible remaining tooth structure and protect the affected dentin from caries, attrition, abrasion and erosion

dentinogenesis imperfecta

A common (1 in 6–8,000) inherited disorder of tooth development (OMIM:125490), which is characterised by blue-gray or yellow-brown translucencies of the teeth.

Molecular pathology
Dentinogenesis imperfecta is caused by mutations of DSPP, the gene that encodes two key proteins of the dentin extracellular matrix: dentin sialoprotein and dentin phosphoprotein.
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he·red·i·tar·y brown teeth

(hĕr-edi-tar-ē brown tēth)
Dental manifestation of amelogenesis imperfecta.
Synonym(s): hereditary brown opalescent teeth, hereditary dark teeth.
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