hereditary amyloidosis

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fa·mil·i·al am·y·loid neu·rop·a·thy

[MIM*105120, various kinds]
a disorder in which various peripheral nerves are infiltrated with amyloid and their functions disturbed; an abnormal prealbumin is also formed and is present in the blood; characteristically, it begins during midlife and is found largely in patients of Portuguese descent; autosomal dominant inheritance. Other rare clinical types occur.
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hereditary amyloidosis

Metabolic disease Any of the usually AD conditions caused by tissue accumulation of defective amyloid proteins in the brain, heart and kidneys. See Amyloidosis.
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(116-119) A few non-AA cases have properties of hereditary amyloidosis. In AA amyloidosis, the average age is 36 [+ or -] 17 years, nearly 2 decades younger than the non-AA cases (average age, 53 [+ or -] 11 years).
The clinical and biochemical spectrum of hereditary amyloidosis. Semin Arthritis Rheum.
ATTR, amyloidosis derived from a variant of transthyretin, is the most common hereditary amyloidosis in the United States and worldwide.
Successful hepatorenal transplantation in hereditary amyloidosis caused by frame-shift mutation in fibrinogen A alpha-chain gene.
Gelsolin-related amyloidosis: identification of the amyloid protein in Finnish hereditary amyloidosis as a fragment of variant gelsolin.

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