hereditary amyloidosis

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fa·mil·i·al am·y·loid neu·rop·a·thy

[MIM*105120, various kinds]
a disorder in which various peripheral nerves are infiltrated with amyloid and their functions disturbed; an abnormal prealbumin is also formed and is present in the blood; characteristically, it begins during midlife and is found largely in patients of Portuguese descent; autosomal dominant inheritance. Other rare clinical types occur.

hereditary amyloidosis

Metabolic disease Any of the usually AD conditions caused by tissue accumulation of defective amyloid proteins in the brain, heart and kidneys. See Amyloidosis.
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Transthyretin-associated hereditary amyloidosis (ATTR) [6] is an inherited disease in which mutations in the gene coding for transthyretin (TTR; prealbumin) produce an altered primary sequence in the protein (1).
By applying FoldRx's proprietary expertise in protein folding and its platform for drug and target discovery, the company is building a pipeline, initially for hereditary amyloidosis and neurodegenerative diseases.
But predominantly vascular and interstitial amyloidosis in the kidney may be found frequently in hereditary amyloidosis.
The funds will be used for the continued clinical development of FoldRx's lead clinical candidate, Fx-1006A, and to advance its pipeline, which is initially focused on hereditary amyloidosis and neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson disease.

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