herbal therapy

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herb·al ther·a·py

(ĕr'băl thār'ă-pē)
The use of herbs and other plants for their medicinal qualities.
Synonym(s): phytomedicine, phytotherapy.
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This includes traditional chiropractic (force and non-force/gentle techniques) as well as many traditional acupuncture and herbal therapy applications.
Herbal therapy is not limited to uneducated, lower socioeconomic status women.
According to police, the man promised the plaintiff he would help her hair grow by treating her with a herbal therapy.
The Alpen Secrets brand encompasses several product collections, including Milk & Honey, Soy & Sunflower Oil; 01-ive Oil; Shea Butter, Fruits & Florals, Herbal Therapy, and Massage and Loofah.
Herbal therapy can be used to reduce allergy symptoms and build up the immune system.
reactions from plants used###type of herbal therapy might end with serious skin complications.
Yet, well designed studies have failed to show any evidence that therapies such as acupuncture, homeophathy, chiropractic medicine or herbal therapy are effective in asthma," said senior author Francine M.
This raises the intriguing possibility that the herbal therapy might provide a "twofer": enhanced platelet inhibition in clopidogrel (Plavix) hyporesponders, plus a well-studied antidepressant effect that could be of particular value in patients with coronary artery disease, Dr.
The book also reminds us that our nephrology patients may be utilizing other CAM therapies, such as herbal therapy, which must be investigated.
Shahnaz will be participating in Woman Boutique Show and would be demonstarting Beauty tips and herbal therapy.
This edition has more coverage of women and cardiovascular disease, herbal therapy, the role of nutrition in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, the role of amino acids, the impact of insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome, bariatric surgery, childhood obesity and prevention, and protein needs for vegetarians.
He is one of the most revered speakers on complementary health care and an internationally renowned lecturer in the field of nutrition and herbal therapy.