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adjective Pertaining or referring to a herb.
noun A book or treatise on herbs.


adjective Referring to herb(s) noun A book or treatise on herbs


An imprecise but common usage for any agent in any form intended to improve or affect health; sold over the counter, without prescription and without F.D.A. oversight about potency, appropriateness, or purity.
See also: naturopathic medicine


1. A book containing identifying descriptions of plants and an account of their alleged medicinal properties.
2. Pertaining to, or containing herbs.

Patient discussion about herbal

Q. herbal supplement is there a herbal supplement,for premature ejaculation,

A. Herbal supplements don't work wonders, so don't buy anything people are trying to sell you.. I am not familiar with a supplement that can help with premature ejaculation. Sorry.

Q. I don’t have any idea about herbal medicine. Hi! My 7 years old daughter is suffering from asthma and this gets severe with cold. I would like to know, is there any herbal medicine or syrup that my daughter can take for her asthma and cold. I don’t have any idea about herbal medicine. Thank You.

A. HELLO JUSTIN,their is herbal meds out there,to help people from getting a cold,because when a person with asthma-gets a cold,it will bring on a attack. once an asthma attack starts,you have to use conventional meds.bronchodilators(inhalers)-steroids-methylxanthines-and sometimes oxygen. Herbal meds work slower than conventional meds-you cant use them for a disease like asthma,because time is everything when a person has and asthma attack,because no one can predict how long an attack will last---my suggestion to you is to find a pulmonologist(DR).--not a regular dr. IF you can keep your child from getting a cold--from being around dust in the house-smoke--fumes,and some odors--an asthma attack can start from exertion(exercise-induced asthma)---foods/wine-some dyes found in candy(yellow dye)--aspirin some cheeses--spores-pollens,animal danders.If you decide to try herbal meds(PLEASE)check with your DR. first------mrfoot56

Q. Can herbal medicine help for this and how much? I am diabetic for the past 3 years and I am taking glimeprimide for long. The moment I find my blood glucose level down I stop taking glimeprimide but soon my glucose jumps up to danger levels. I am fed up with this and I can’t control on my diet....can herbal medicine help for this and how much?

A. actually herbal medicine can be that helpful, but unfortunately there is lack of valid studies of most herbal medication knowledge. I'm not saying that herbal medicine cannot help, but a lot of doctors don't aware or don't know about the good of herbal medicine.

i will suggest you to consult with your internist for that, but if you believe that herbal medicine can help you, try that. but it for start, cannot replace your glimepiride. slowly but sure, when you improve your diabetic level (by regularly checking your blood glucose level), you can discuss that progress with your doctor.

Good luck, and stay healthy always..

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