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Alternative pharmacology
A general term for a plant or part thereof that is used to produce a medicine, which may include roots, bark, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds.
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Pharmacognosy A generic term for a plant/parts–roots, bark, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, or others which can be used for its medicinal value. See Chinese herb, Herbal medicine, Pharmacognosy.
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1. A leafy plant without a woody stem, especially one used as a flavoring agent or medicine.
2. Completely archaic slang for marijuana (q.v.).
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  1. any seed-bearing nonwoody vascular plant whose aerial parts do not persist above ground at the end of the growing season.
  2. any of various plants, such as rosemary that are used in cookery and medicine.
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In naturopathy, a plant or plant derivative or extract prescribed for health or healing.
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Patient discussion about herb

Q. What herbs are known to be helpful against Arthritis acceleration?

A. mind you- herbs most of the time contain the same medication that pills do but without an exact amount and accompanied with other materials. there is great danger in that area, here is a guide for choosing a herbal supplement that will give you some tips :

Q. Is there any natural herb for a sluggish thyroid My uncle is suffering with thyroid for the past 8 months and the treatment he underwent is not successful. Is there any natural herb for a sluggish thyroid?

A. first of all the thyroid gland is situated in the front of the neck, just below the larynx(voice box)it consist of two lobes,one one each side of the trachea(windpipe)joined by a narrower portion of tissue called the isthmus---the thyroid grand produces hormones that regulate metabolism(the chemical activitie in cells that release energy from nutrients or uses energy to create other substances,such as proteins)the thyroid gland regulates the level of calcium in the body.insufficient thyroid hormones prduction is known as hypothyroidism(sluggish thyroid)symtoms include tirednes/dry skin/hair loss/weight gain/constipation/and sensitivity to cold.--because iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones/calcium-ASk your DR before trying natural meds-because they ma interfere with what your uncle is taking now?--and you need to find out from your DR WHY is his thyroid sluggish--mrfoot56--peace

Q. I’m very much confused. I need some suggestion. Can I try with Chinese herbs? I’m 56, man. I’m a regular smoker and drinker. I had two heart attacks with in 5 years. Now, often my chest is paining heavily. I’m very much confused. I need some suggestion. Can I try with Chinese herbs?

A. HELLO,DERIK--dont be confused the broblem is very simple,you are not letting your body heal from your heart attacks,and by the way second heart attacks are normally fatal.I spent 25yrs working on cardiac teams in hospitals,Im the person that helps to restart your heart when it stops,the problems that i have seen with people who have heart attacks,is that after they come home from the hospital,they continue to do the same things that caused the heart attack in the first place--like smoking--like eating the wrong foods,drinking with heart medications,going back to work to soon,not enough rest during the day--to be honest with you-YOU ARE VERY LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.THERE IS NO MAGIC MEDICATION YOU CAN TRY AT THIS POINT--YOU NEED TO MODIFY WATH YOU DO DURING THE DAY--YOU NEED TO STOP SMOKING PERIOD?---YOU NEED TO STOP DRINKING PERIOD?--IF YOU DONT THE NEXT ATTACK YOU HAVE WILL BE FATAL,Im sorry i have to put it this way-but im telling you the truth--mrfoot56---peace

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