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A constituent of many artificial essences (flavors) obtained from the ricinoleic acid of castor oil by chemical means; used in the manufacture of ethyl oenanthate.
Synonym(s): enanthal, oenanthal
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Analyte SRM transition CID Q1 [right arrow] Q2 energy [eV] Hexanal 214 [right arrow] 155 16 Heptanal 228 [right arrow] 169 16 Oktanal 242 [right arrow] 183 16 Nonanal 256 [right arrow] 197 16 Decanal 270 [right arrow] 211 16 Undecanal 284 [right arrow] 225 16 Dodecanal 298 [right arrow] 239 17 Malondialdehyde 169 [right arrow] 101 8 4-Hydroxynonenal 273 [right arrow] 214 15 4-Hydroxyhexenal 231 [right arrow] 172 15 8-Isoprostane-[PGF.
Detection Study patients MDA [34] LC-MS/MS Asthma, COPD [35] HPLC COPD, AECOPD [36] HPLC CF Hexanal, [34] LC-MS/MS Asthma, COPD heptanal, and nonanal 4-HHE, 4-HNE [34] LC-MS/MS Asthma, COPD Acrolein [34] LC-MS/MS Asthma, COPD 8-Isoprostane [41] EIA Asthma (stable and acute), bronchiectasis [42] EIA HS, COPD [43] EIA HS, COPD [44] EIA Asthma, COPD [45] EIA Asthma [46] EIA COPD, AECOPD [48] EIA CF Nitrosothiols [59] [601 EIA EIA COPD NAEB, CVA 3-NT [66] IC Asthma, COPD [67] IC HS [68] IC AECOPD [69] IC Asthma [70] IC HPLC, Asthma, COPD [71, 72] GC-MS CF 8-OHdG [81] ELISA COPD, HS, and bronchiectasis [82] ELISA Asthma, HS Markers Ref.
Seis aldehidos fueron medidos en el aire de la zona urbana y la zona boscosa rural, incluyendo el formaldehido, el acetaldehido, el propanal, el butanal, el hexanal y el heptanal.
The researchers also confirmed that the rat receptor studied by Firestein's group responds to the meaty smelling octanal, but they found that the mouse version of the same receptor recognized heptanal, an herbal odor, instead.
No carryover peaks were detected in milk samples--even when injecting the SPME fiber immediately after it was used to analyze a milk sample spiked with a 500 ng/mL mixture of aldehydes [butanal, isopentanal, pentanal, hexanal, heptanal, and octanal]," Marsili continues.
These bad-smelling compounds were heptanal, octanal, nonanal of aldehydes, and five ketones: 3,3-dimethylcyclobutanone ([C.
Brewer and Vega [30] reported that lipid oxidation products such as pentanal and heptanal are responsible for off-odor released by oxidized ground beef
O PC I, com 48,0% da variancia explicada, discriminou as especies animais, sendo que os ovinos apresentaram, de uma forma geral, elevada quantidade de compostos, produto da oxidacao lipidica, como butanal, hexanal, heptanal, alem dos acidos butanoico, hexanoico, heptanoico e octanoico e cetonas como 2-propanona e 2-butanona.
Scientists found that hydrogen peroxide-bleached liquid whey and whey protein concentrate contained higher concentrations of oxidation reaction products, including heptanal, hexanal, octanal and nonanal, compared with unbleached or benzoyl peroxide-bleached liquid whey or whey protein concentrate.
Aldehydes (hexanal, pentanal, heptanal, octanal, and nonanal) and sulfur volatiles mainly dimethyl trisulfide generated during irradiation result in the associated off-odour (Patterson and Stevenson, 1995; Perez-Alvarez et al.
Minor levels of benzaldehyde, heptanal, octanal, nonanal, and 2-pentylfuran were also detected.
20]) and authentic compounds including acetaldehyde, trans-2-decenal, 2-methylpropanal, 2-methylbutanal, 3-methylbutanal, pentanal, hexanal, heptanal, (E), 2-heptenal, 2-methylthiazole, benzaldehyde, octanal, benzeneacetaldehyde, nonanal, decanal, (E,E), 2,4-decadienal, ethanol, 1-propanol, 2-furanmethanol, 1-hexanol, 1-octen-3-ol, fufural, tetradecanal, 1-octanol, acetone, 2-propanone, 2,3-butanedione, 2-butanone, 2-heptanone, 3-octanone, dimethyldisulfide, pyrazine, methylpyrazine, 2,3-dimethylpyrazine etc.