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A septivalent chemical element or radical.
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In addition, C40 was located in the fusion-inhibitor drug enfuvirtide (T20) target region in the gp41 heptad repeat 1 (HR1) domain.
1994) tried to find out the function of Heptad Repeat regions (HR1 & HR2) of envelope of HIV and concluded that they have a critical role in the fusion of HIV membrane with human CD4 cells.
Thus, writers after Gregory could draw on three traditions to attack avarice: "the Deadly Sins; the octad of Capital Vices; and the Gregorian heptad, in effect a synthesis of both" (106).
30) The creation of Ahura Mazda's spiritual powers (sometimes thought of as archangels) consist of a group of six celestial beings called Amesha Spenta (or Amahraspand, meaning Holy Immortal, or Bountiful Immortal), who stand second in rank to Ahura Mazda, and together with Ahura Mazda at their head form a heptad - a number to which mystical potency is attributed.
Vohu Manah is the most important of the Amesha Spentas, ranking only after Ahura Mazda himself in the Zoroastrian divine heptad.
1987), and it has been suggested that myoplasmin-C1 may interact with p58 through [Alpha]helical rod regions formed by hydrophobic heptad repeats present in both of these proteins (Nishikata and Wada, 1996; B.
The octad governing these blocks is not entirely octatonic, but it does incorporate an octatonic heptad applicable to Coll.
Coronavirus S proteins are class I fusion proteins, which typically contain domains instrumental for this process: 2 heptad repeat regions and a fusion peptide (27).
About 18 amino acids next to the fusion peptide sequence are heptad repeat (HR) regions (Fig.