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A septivalent chemical element or radical.
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Our idea is to use a heuristic to reduce the initial set to a more manageable size: since it is possible to calculate the interaction matrix for single natural heptads, we can approximate scores for tetraheptads as shown at Figure 3.
As dimerization properties of FvbZIP proteins were governed by different contributions of charged amino acids located at e and g positions, we calculated the presence of attractive and repulsive g [left and right arrow] e' pairs in each heptad of strawberry Leu zippers (Supplementary Figure S4) and displayed corresponding frequency histogram in Figure 4(c).
The fusion peptide region is followed by two heptad repeat sequences of hydrophobic amino acids (N-terminal heptad repeat and C terminal heptad repeat) that form helical domains with hydrophobic faces.
The factors influencing higher genetic diversity at msp-3[alpha] could be: (i) inter-allelic recombination (14); and (ii) presence of polymorphism prone region such as alanine rich heptad repeats.
gp41 is the most conservative region and thus its Heptad Repeat (HR) regions have been targeted for many of new drugs (Qadir & Malik, 2009), an evidence for its conservation.
(2) Boyce explains that Ahura Mazda forms a heptad with six other Amesha Spentas ("Holy Immortals," including the God of fire, Asha Vahishta) and other lesser Yazata spirits ("Beings worthy of worship").
In the process of fusion, two heptad repeat domains (HRI and HR2) of gp41 form a helical bundle containing trimers of each domain.
NT-proBNP was reported to be a trimer containing a coiled-coil motif of repeating heptad units (7).
Thus, writers after Gregory could draw on three traditions to attack avarice: "the Deadly Sins; the octad of Capital Vices; and the Gregorian heptad, in effect a synthesis of both" (106).
Of Ahura Mazda's mundane creatures, the first was the sky, the second water, the third earth, the fourth vegetation, the fifth animals, the sixth mankind, and the seventh fire.(30) The creation of Ahura Mazda's spiritual powers (sometimes thought of as archangels) consist of a group of six celestial beings called Amesha Spenta (or Amahraspand, meaning Holy Immortal, or Bountiful Immortal), who stand second in rank to Ahura Mazda, and together with Ahura Mazda at their head form a heptad - a number to which mystical potency is attributed.(31)
Vohu Manah is the most important of the Amesha Spentas, ranking only after Ahura Mazda himself in the Zoroastrian divine heptad. As the [spirit of] Good Thought, he is the hypostasis of Ahura Mazda, and Zoroaster declares him Ahura Mazda's son (Yasna 45.4).
Another cytoskeletal protein, myoplasmin-C1, is localized in ascidian myoplasm (Nishikata et al., 1987), and it has been suggested that myoplasmin-C1 may interact with p58 through [Alpha]helical rod regions formed by hydrophobic heptad repeats present in both of these proteins (Nishikata and Wada, 1996; B.