hepatic segments

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he·pa·tic seg·'ments

surgically resectable portions of the liver supplied by independent branches of the portal vein and hepatic artery, and drained by independent lobular branches of the hepatic bile ducts; thus, the naming and numbering of the eight hepatic segments in TA is based on the portobilioarterial distribution: posterior [I], lateral [II], left lateral anterior [III], and medial [IV] segments of the left (part of) liver, and anterior medial [V], right anterior lateral [VI], posterior lateral [VII], and posterior medial [VIII] segments of the right (part of) liver; the hepatic segments are separated by the vertical planes (portal fissures) of the three major (right, intermediate, and left) hepatic veins; those of the right (part of) liver are also separated by the horizontal plane of the right division of the portobilioarterial tree. See: anterior segment, lateral segment, medial segment, posterior segment.
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In conclusion, the anatomical variants of the bile duct most frequently found are related to the right and left bile ducts and the draining hepatic segments.When reviewing the anatomy books and the available specialized bibliography, related to the hepatobiliary pathway and its anatomical variations, this anatomical presentation was not reported, so it is available to readers and especially to laparoscopic surgeons and radiologists in order to reduce the procedural risks in the bile duct.