hepatic lymph nodes

he·pa·tic lymph nodes

visceral nodes located along the hepatic artery as far as the porta hepatis; they drain the liver, gallbladder, stomach, duodenum, and pancreas; they send efferents to the celiac nodes.
Synonym(s): nodi lymphoidei hepatici [TA]
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In 181 cases, the hepatic lymph nodes were still attached to the liver and were also analyzed.
In a few selected sections of livers and hepatic lymph nodes, the immunohistochemistry (IHC) technique was employed to detect macrophages (Clone MAC 387) according to the following protocol.
Only 5 out of 181 hepatic lymph nodes did not present FMs (2.76%).
Immunohistochemical analysis showed foam cells with positive cytoplasmic immuno labeling in the liver (Figure 1 [G e H]) and in hepatic lymph nodes for antibody clone MAC 387.
Foamy macrophages were reported in 72.4% of hepatic lesions and in 97.24% of hepatic lymph nodes. These collections of cells are one of the hallmarks of liver induced lesions by the ingestion of Brachiaria spp.