hepatic cyst

he·pa·tic cyst

congenital cyst thought to originate from an obstruction of biliary ductules; may be solitary and range in size from small to enormous; polycystic disease may also occur.
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cinaedi infection have been described, to our knowledge, no cases of hepatic cyst infection have been reported.
The case presented with pain abdomen, nausea, vomiting and a lump in the right upper quadrant mimicking differential diagnosis of an appendicular lump, gall bladder phlegmon or malignancy, hepatic cyst, abscess or mass, pyloric stenosis or malignancy, malignancy of hepatic flexure or transverse colon, gastric volvulus or gastroenteritis, internal hernias or GIST.
The abdominal ultrasound (US) revealed a hepatic cyst with multiple daughter cysts in the right lobe of the liver and multiple cystic structures in the inferior vena cava (IVC) secondary to the spread of the liver hydatid disease (figures 1 and 2).
Curative effect of lauromacrogol and absolute ethyl alcohol injection guided by ultrasound on simplex hepatic cyst. Pak J Pharm Sci 2015; 28: 697-700.
Abdominal sonogram showed a small right hepatic cyst (1.2 cm) without evidence of cirrhosis or extrahepatic duct obstruction.
The case reported is an example of a hydatid hepatic cyst, resulting in a secondary (pulmonary) hydatidosis and massive bilateral hydatid embolization incidentally discovered after an abdominal minor trauma, by means of computed tomographic chest and abdominal imaging.
Sumida et al., "Prediction of hepatic cyst recurrence after minocycline hydrochloride aspiration sclerotherapy using cyst computed tomography values," Hepatology Research, vol.
An abdominal CT showed a well-defined lesion in the superior right hepatic lobe consistent with a hepatic cyst and a mildly enlarged and heterogeneous left hepatic lobe concerning for possible hepatocellular carcinoma.
Lichtenstein, "Benign hepatic Cyst mimicking a functional thyroid carcinoma metastasis on whole-body I-131 imaging," Clinical Nuclear Medicine, vol.
Common differential diagnoses for a solitary hepatic lesion included hepatic cyst, hemangioma, focal nodular hyperplasia, hepatic adenoma, regenerative nodules, hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, or metastatic disease.
IEFs with mild or no clinical significance were found in 72 patients (prevalence: 9.7%): simple renal cyst (31/87), hepatic cyst (24/87), hiatal hernia (8/87), hepatic haemangioma (8/87), thyroid nodule < 1 cm (7/87), bone haemangioma (3/87), paraspinal cyst (2/87), and splenic cyst (1/87) (Table 3).
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