hepatic cyst

he·pa·tic cyst

congenital cyst thought to originate from an obstruction of biliary ductules; may be solitary and range in size from small to enormous; polycystic disease may also occur.
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3,5,6] An incidental simple hepatic cyst is the most commonly encountered pathologic finding.
However, presence of coincidental hepatic and uterine cysts most possibly implies the secondary uterine involvement due to rupture of the hepatic cyst.
1997) and Yildiz and Gurcan, (2005) also reported that hepatic cyst are more fertile than the cysts found in lungs.
As the patient was symptomatic for paraspinal hydatid cyst only and the size of the hepatic cyst was small, exploration of the right paraspinal region was done after 21 days of antiscolicidal treatment.
describe the diagnosis and management of a patient with cystic liver disease and a dominant infected hepatic cyst.
In our study, the most common malignant liver lesion was metastasis, most common benign solid lesion was hemangioma and most common benign cystic lesion was simple hepatic cyst.
Due to the close proximity of intramural cysts in the bowel to surrounding structures such as the liver, the differential diagnosis may also include hepatic cyst and choledochal cyst.
Focal lesions may represent pre-existing donor disease (such as a hepatic cyst or hemangioma), infarct, abscess, biloma, or metastatic disease.
MR imaging in intracystic hemorrhage of simple hepatic cyst.