hepatic arteries

he·pa·tic ar·ter·ies

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HCC receives blood primarily from the hepatic arteries and therefore tends to enhance more avidly in arterial phase than background which receive 25% blood supply from hepatic artery and 75% from portal vein.
The segment therefore receives vessels independently from left and right portal vein and hepatic arteries and drain independently into inferior vena cava by multiple small branches.
Because the cysts in PLD are mostly supplied from hepatic arteries but not from portal veins, transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) of the hepatic artery branches that supply the major hepatic cysts can lead to shrinkage of the cyst and liver size, relieve symptoms, and improve nutritional status.
Similarly, dos Santos et al (67) found significant medial hypertrophy of hepatic arteries at the portoenterostomy site in infants with biliary atresia as compared to healthy infants and others with cholestatic diseases.
The team has already demonstrated that they can steer particles through the hepatic arteries of rabbits.
Anatomic variations of the hepatic arteries in 604 selective celiac and superior mesenteric angiographies.
Some patients had complications with their port system, including six with occluded in-dwelling catheters, five with occluded hepatic arteries, and three with port infection (J.
The findings also may indicate hepatic artery stenosis and should be followed up closely with additional scans[6] The vascular structures evaluated with Doppler are the hepatic arteries (main, right and left), the hepatic veins (right, left and mid), the portal vein and the inferior vena cava.
Because there were no liver adhesions and no need has arisen to perform microsurgery for connecting hepatic arteries, the domino transplant has so far proceeded faster than scheduled, the doctors said.
Briefly, piezoelectric crystal probes (Iowa Doppler Products, Crystal Biotech) were implanted in grooves abraded to the dermis of the carapace directly above each artery except the sternal and hepatic arteries, which were monitored by means of internal catheter mounted probes.